Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sam I'm Not!

Michael Sam got cut from history.

This was one of the most controversial moves by the NFC team. The St. Louis Rams decided that history will have to wait.

They decided to cut Michael Sam from the team. Despite praise for picking the first openly gay football player to the NFL, the Rams didn't think Sam had the potential.

That means that Sam (if still interested) will be a free agent and hopefully he'll get on a major team,

I am guessing today the LGBT community will probably pissed over this.

Sam took the official social networking website to post his thanks to the Rams for at least going one step forward.

The first openly gay NFL player was a great thought on television and in the papers. But the NFL still has the mentality that you have to be either a wife beater. You got to be speeding in your ride. You have to have an obsession with firearms and be a known a gun enthusiast. You could be a potential murderer.

Hell, you can have marijuana in your system or steroids and still have at least three games on suspension.

But if you're a gay player, you can't get much other than the bench.

I don't care if the guy is gay. If the dude can throw a ball and take a sack, then give the guy a chance to show it on the field.

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