Sunday, May 25, 2014

Womanist Musings: George Sodini: Misogynist and Racist

Womanist Musings: George Sodini: Misogynist and Racist

Past posting from Womanist Musings regarding George Sodini's misogynistic racism.  I see the similarities between yesterday's Santa Barbara shooter and Mr. Sodini.   Mr Sodini's right-wing racism and Eliot 

Rodger's.  This serves as proof that the war on women, working/middle class people, and people of Color are real and deadly!

According to Renee Martin:

White women and people of color are routinely referred to as angry and castrating and yet the violence of White men is always viewed as an anomaly.  Limbaugh recently referred to Obama as an angry Black man for daring initially to speak truth to power regarding the Gates incident, however the ways in which White men use hate speech and violence to maintain their undeserved privilege is never seen for what it truly is – fear and anger run amok.
Sodini may be only one man but his body represents much of the anger that White men are currently experiencing at the thought that power dynamics could possibly change.  Some may not go as far as to murder innocent people, however just as one would not turn your back on a wounded animal, so to is it dangerous to take the threat that they pose lightly.  This is not about how Sodini felt as man but specifically how he identified as a White man. 

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