Monday, September 12, 2011

Maury Po’ Bitch « BROTHA WOLF

Maury Po’ Bitch « BROTHA WOLF: “Why Maury Povich ‘is the father’ of black trash TV” written by Michael Arceneaux. Also, if you are a fan of Maury, Jerry, reality TV or any other forms of pointless entertainment and you take offense to my essay, you should leave now.
I’ve written about Maury Povich’s show a while back in 2010. I still believe that his show is offensive in that it perpetuates negative stereotypes about black men and black women, and that it does so more often with black people than they do with non-blacks. I’ve stopped watching the show as soon as I realized what I was looking at was just a series of hour-long “What the hell is wrong with black people–according to White people” circuses. The host Maury is white, and most of his guests concerning his popular paternity test episodes are black and apparently highly promiscuous and irresponsible.

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