Thursday, March 03, 2011

Low-Self Esteem, Bashing, or Just Keepin’ It Real? « Zaire

Low-Self Esteem, Bashing, or Just Keepin’ It Real? « Zaire: "About a week ago Abagond did a post on black women, white men, and the dynamics between the two. Most commenters focused on the lack of romantic relationships between the two groups. The nature of the post led people to comment on black women’s place on the beauty totem pole and whether interracial relationships with white men are an attainable for black women(as if being with a white man is something to “aspire” to, LMAO). A commenter by the name of Chuck speculated that white men (as a group) may be innately less attracted to black women than they are other races of women, and visa versa. While others argued that racialized beauty standards, negative stereotypes, and other non-biological factors were the reason for low number of black female/white male unions"


Kid W/Golden Arms said...

so THIS is your blog?

pretty nice I might say.

your original writings/comments are just as insightful as the pingbacks you give. I enjoy your writing and would like to see more. will you be writing more?

La Reyna said...

Yes, indeed it's my blog and you are free to write any opinion here. Welcome to my blog!

La Reyna


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