Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop DC's war on the black community!

Stop DC's war on the black community!

[] The war on the African community in DC is in full swing.

In response, the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) will hold an event titled, “Stop the war on the black community!” at Everlasting Life Café (2928 Georgia Avenue; Washington DC).

The event will be held on Saturday, December 18th at 2:00pm EST.

Keynote speaker will be InPDUM President Diop Olugbala.

The exchange of leadership between the two imperialist parties during the recent elections has had no effect on oppressed people.

City officials continue their attacks on all fronts, including gentrification, economic oppression, police containment, and a newly introduced attack on DC’s welfare program.

The gentrification problem, in particular, is so severe that DC—historically known as the “Chocolate City” because of its majority black population—is in danger of losing that title by 2020.

Same old. Same old.

Democrat Adrian Fenty is soon to be replaced as mayor of DC by city council chair Vincent Gray, also a Democrat. According to popular media, it would seem that things are about to brighten up.

The popular media reports that Gray lacks the level of arrogance Fenty was known for.

They say he will not build dog parks for white citizens in formerly African communities, or tear down our schools. Allegedly, Gray won't ignore “the people,” as Fenty has.

The question remains though: what will Gray do? He will inherit DC's 150-million-dollar deficit, and, as has been the trend set by Democratic mayors before him, he will make up for this deficit on the backs of Africans.

Already, Gray has co-signed an attack on the DC welfare program, initiated by former mayor, current city council representative and beloved neocolonial stooge, Marion Barry (who also is a member of the Democratic party).

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