Friday, November 26, 2010

Former FBI Agent, “Peltier was Wrongfully Convicted”

Former FBI Agent, “Peltier was Wrongfully Convicted” #FreePeltier #COINTELPRO #corruption - ElyssaD's Posterous

A Native comrade on Facebook put me onto this. Thanks go out to him.

M. Wesley Swearingen, FBI Secrets: An Agents Expose (Available on ):

Former FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen, stated:

“I was an FBI agent in Los Angeles when Leonard Peltier was convicted, and I know from FBI documents that I read and from statements made by fellow FBI agents, that Peltier was wrongfully convicted of murdering two FBI agents just because the agents investigating the case wanted someone to pay for killing the two FBI agents. I know, for a fact, that the FBI is also covering up its culpability in the death of the two FBI agents.”

Swearingen is the same agent who exposed the FBI misconduct in the case of Geronimo Pratt, whose conviction was eventually overturned. Pratt was set free after 20 years of false imprisonment. If you still think that the FBI and the U.S. government are the good guys.. stop and think again.

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