Thursday, November 19, 2009

Justice Who Denied Marriage Won't Resign

The McKay's say they never imagined their drama would attract so much attention. "I had an interview with BBC last night. CNN called," Beth says. She and husband Terence are the newest celebrity couple to hit the airwaves.
Just one day after hearing about the couple's controversy, national media shined the spotlight on Terence and Beth McKay. "I thought it'd be local. We thought just be around this area. It went international," says Terence.
The newly married McKay's say they just wanted a simple wedding ceremony. So the bride called Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Robert, Louisiana. But instead of agreeing to their "I do's", Bardwell said, "I won't" because the couple is interracial.
"He said he does not do interracial couples. He's not going to marry us because your black and I'm white," Terence says recalling what Beth told him. "I was like its 2009."

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