Friday, November 06, 2009

Cleveland Serial Killer Anthony Sowell - 10 Bodies Found And 1 Skull.. Maybe Even More 2 Come

Cleveland Police use a back hoe to dig up the back yard of suspected serial killer and sexual predator Anthony Sowell on Tuesday, and discovered what is believed to be four more bodies.
That brings the total number of victims found in Sowell's house and yard since last Thursday to 10.
But investigators believe that number will grow, revealing that a human skull was also found Tuesday, in a bucket in Sowell's basement, where some of the victims were earlier found buried.
Tuesday, the first round of charges were filed against Anthony Sowell. He was charged with five counts of aggravated murder for the five women the coroner has concluded were strangled, before their bodies were allegedly hidden by Sowell.
More charges will be filed once authorities are able to confirm the other bodies found in the home were the victims of homicide.
Sowell faces additional charges of kidnapping, rape and felonious assault for an attack on a woman in September.
It was that crime that prompted Cleveland Police to go to the home last Thursday and discover the first three bodies.
The coroner is now using DNA testing and dental records to identify the ten victims.

Mayor Frank Jackson says "I can imagine how families feel who have reported a missing person, an anxiety they're going through, and we want to assure them that as soon as we know something, they will be the first to know."

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