Saturday, August 15, 2009

My interview with local reporter covering possible serial killings of black women in Rocky Mount NC.

George Cook of Let's Talk Honestly Interviews reporter Mike Hixenbaugh of the Rocky Mount Telegram, the reporter covering the case of missing and murdered black women in Rocky Mount for the local paper. They discuss:

*How the police are handling the case. Is race a factor?
*How the locals in Rocky Mount feel.
*The overall lack of news coverage.
*The current status of the case.
*How Nancy Grace and Fox News both bumped stories about the murders, and more.

Use link below to listen to the interview:

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La Reyna said...

Thank you George for posting this important story. I searched through the internet to find stories about the murdered women and how the police handled the case. It's a repeat of the Henry Louis Wallace case.

La Reyna


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