Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hating on the Obamas by WomanUp

Hating on the Obamas
By WomanUp

Call me indifferent.But after reading just a few of the racist-fueled comments aimed at 11-year-old Malia Obama's fashion choices on the "conservative" "news" site FreeRepublic.com, I was neither shocked nor surprised. A little confused maybe -- as in, what's so bad about a little girl wearing a peace sign? Do Republicans hate peace? Wasn't Jesus a pacifist? Isn't that the point of the whole "WWJD?" movement?Forgive the repetition, but I hate to say that nut-bag blog comments constitute hate speech. The Freepers mindless mouth vomit felt less like shouting fire in a crowded theatre and more like splashing gasoline on an already burning tug boat. Speech that incites violence is one thing, speech that reinforces stereotypes about a certain group of people--in this case, barefoot, cousin-marrying, gun-toting, "conservatives" -- See, doesn't it just make you cringe? -- is another. One is illegal and the other, well, we'll call it Fox News. Some of my best friends are Republicans. (Well, not best best friends, but you get the point.) And just as I hope their picture of me and other African-Americans hasn't solely been solidified by the movie "Boyz in Da' Hood," I'm sure they're hoping a bunch of maniacs in their pajamas won't serve as their party's mascots.

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