Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tragic Child Abuse Angels in Heaven

This video took me along time to get together, and get right! I also had to take several breaks from this as I became very emotional! All the children's names are listed in First Name Alphabetical Order!

Alijah James Mullis
October 29th 2007- January 29th 2008

Allison May Newman
May 24th 2004-September 22nd 2006

Alyssa Kay Logue
November 20th 2004- October 26th 2006

Breanna Marie Courtney Loveless
May 22nd 1995-February 22nd 1996

Brianna Lopez
February 14th 2002- July 19th 2002

Camryn Jakeb Wilson
January 1st 2008-March 25th 2008

Christopher Michael Barrios Jr.
January 2nd 2001-March 8th 2007

Christopher Wayne Allen Banard
August 19th 2003-April 28th 2008

Cohen Smith Legacy
March 29th 2008-May 11th 2008

James Patrick Bulger
March 16th 1990-February 13th 1993

Javon Thompson
2005-2006..Birthdate and Date of Death Is Unknown.

John Samuel Yates
December 15th 1995-June 20th 2001

JonBenet Ramsay
August 6th 1990-December 25th 1996

Katelynn Angel Sampson
October 24th 2000-August 3rd 2008

Katlin Joy Violette
October 16th 2002-January 12th 2007

Keenen Taylor
June 18th 2002-June 9th 2005

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs
December 28th 2002-October 11th 2005

Kyle Andrew Klein
October 15th 2003-December 15th 2006

Lattie McGee
December 29th 1982-August4th 1987

Elizabeth " Lisa " Launders or Steinberg
May 14th 1981-November 4th 1987
It is believed that the song " Dear Mr. Jesus" was written for Lisa.

London Marie Sherwood
September 4th 2007-December 4th 2007

Luke David Yates
February 15th 1999-June 20th 2001

Marcus Fiesel
June 24th 2003-August 3rd 2006

Margaret Elizabeth Schlosser
January 2004-November 2004

Mary Deborah Yates
November 30th 2000-June 20th 2001

McKenna Sharee Brown
December 1st 2004-September 14th 2006

Michael and Alexander Smith
Michael-October 10th 1991
Alexander-August 5th 1993
Both children were killed on October 25th 1994.

Michael Vallejo-Seiber
August 12th 2002-August 29th 2005

Neveah Ann Richardson
November 15th 2007-November 24th 2007

Ngatikaura Ngati
2002- January 31st 2006

Nixzmary Brown
July 18th 1998-January 11th 2006

Noah Jacob Yates
February 26th 1994-June 20th 2001

Paul Abraham Yates
September 13th 1997-June 20th 2001

Peter Connelly ( Otherwise known as Baby " P ")
March 1st 2006-August 3rd 2007

Riley Ann Sawyers
March 11th 2005-July 24th 2007

Ryan Aubrey Luke
December 28th 1992-March 5th 1995

Sirita J Sotelo
February 12th 2000-January 21st 2005

Skyla Brooks
June 15th 1998-March 21st 2000

Skylar Roininen
April 24th 2006-March 28th 2008

Summer Marie Phelps
July 6th 2002-March 10th 2007

Taegen Elise McKinney
November 11th 2005-April 15th 2007

Tesslynn O'Cull
June 8th 1994-June 14th 1997


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for each one of your murders. I wish these beautiful children could have had the life they deserved not the abuse that no one deserves. RIP sweet angels where you have no more pain or abuse, in Jesus arms.

Anonymous said...



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