Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Blog is Two Years Old

This month marks the second year of my blog. I want to thank my contributors to my blog. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here's several news and links:

A requiem for James Byrd whose life was taken by hate:

Thanks, Ann, for posting the article and the beautiful rose that was presented in James Byrd's memory. May he rests in peace.

Abagond's post on why so few White men marry Black women:
A very hard-hitting, yet truthful article. It's not for those who are invested in the status quo.

Hate Crimes, More than Black and White:
That's so true as this nation is becoming more and more multiracial, multicultural, and mutiethnic by the hour. People who hate the changes are getting more vocal and sometimes violent. This is a must-read post by Ann. Thanks, Ann!

Ann also have another post regarding how America treats Black women who are victims of serial killers:
From slavery onward, Black female lives have always been expendable by the larger society, even from our own Black community. As long as people think that there are no Black serial killers, that Black women's lives worth little from the larger society, no woman is safe. Check out my older article here.

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