Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jurors felt pressured in racially charged case

A Long Island NY Jury found a black man, John White guilty of manslaughter on Dec. 23 in the death of Daniel Cicciaro a 17 year old white man. The case is so sad because yes a family has lost a son but only because he and his friends came to Mr. White's house looking to be up Mr. White's son. Mr. White took a gun and went outside to defend his family. When the youth went for the gun it accidentally went off. Now we have whites saying he should have stayed in his house and called the police while the white youths did whatever and blacks mentioning the fact that no one would be dead if they had not gone to the house in the first place.

If that's not bad enough it now turns out that some jurors felt pressured to give a manslaughter verdict although they wanted to go with reckless endangerment. The say they were pressured not because many on the jury and the judge wanted to be HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Watch the video below to hear from a white juror who is making these claims.

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