Tuesday, October 09, 2007

pudgyindian2: "...lost..." Chris pt. 2

pudgyindian2: "...lost..." Chris pt. 2: "I don't like using the term, 'lost,' when it comes to Indians. Example: Indians 'lost' their languages. Truth is, we didn't lose shit. When we or others say that Indians 'lost' something that implies a certain level of simplicity to an otherwise complex issue. 'I lost $5 at the casno.' 'I lost my luggage when it fell off of my car.' 'I lost my nose ring. I swear I set it right here.' Our languages, our culture, our lands were not 'lost.' They were STOLEN. It took a whole lot of horrific brutalization, the same style of brutalization that the U.S. is passing on to Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Iran, in order to FORCE folks to give up to the empire that which DOESN'T BELONG TO THE EMPIRE."

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