Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News for 8-22-2007

News for 8-22-2007:

Naomi Campbell decries the lack of Black models in fashion magazines, particularly Vogue. She stated that she wants to open a modeling agency in Kenya.

Barack Obama's daughters upset with the Obama Girl video. Barack decries the video, saying it insulted his family as well as being part of a negative campaign.

More on the Dunbar Village Tragedy and the insensitivity of the general public concerning the horrific violence against Black women and children:

Dunbar Village a tragedy of denial by all from The Sun-Sentinel
Family of victims reveals some of gruesome details of attack from Palm Beach Post Article
The Judge Decide on Evidence in the Dunbar Village tragedy
Dozens of Religious Groups Converged at Dunbar Village to pray for the victims
Untold Details of Horror

Dunbar Survery Illuminated Dangers
Healing the Goal at Dunbar Village

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