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Black Cherokees Are Being Excluded From the Rolls

This is sad that one American Indian tribe is excluding Blacks of Cherokee descent from the rolls. Here are several stories on the controversy and how Cherokees of partial African descent is challenging the decision:

Black Cherokees to Challenge the Exclusion

Cherokee Vote Revokes Citizenship of 2,800

Putting the Vote the Question "Who is Cherokee?"

Also check out on this development. Click here. This website has tons of news regarding the controversy and how it affect people of Black and American Indian descent.

This move is motivated by greed and racism. It stinks and it's so wrong. They are going about it in the wrong direction. David The Hater Yeagley is probably having a party over it, given his past racist views on Black Indians. This is a classic divide-and-conquer tactic by conservatives and the powers that be to divide people according to ancestry. I hope American Indians, Blacks, and Whites resist such exclusion and divisiveness.

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Ann said...

Regarding the "Cherokee Vote Revokes Citizenship of 2,800", article.

"Proponents of the amendment said it was about drawing a line, a blood line. The Cherokee Nation, the second-largest tribe in the country after the Navajo, is also one of the fastest-growing, with 270,000 members and 1,000 new citizens enrolled every month. Members are entitled to federal benefits and tribal services, including medical and housing aid and scholarships."

"The Cherokee Nation, the second largest tribe in the country after the Navajo,is also one of the fastest growing, with 270,000 members and 1,000 new citizens enrolled every month."


I wonder how many of those "1,000 new citizens" would be "white" Cherokees as opposed to "black" Cherokees?

Dollars to donuts, the new members are those who would be able to bring white blood into the tribe.

That pure, lovely, precious white blood, which can do no wrong.

Anything but black blood.

So-called Cherokees of today would rather give it up to white-blood Cherokees, instead of the black Cherokee Freedmen/women who have stood with the tribe since the end of slavery and the Civil War.

But what's a big slap in the face towards your own blood relatives?

Afterall, your blood relatives are just black people.

Not worthy of respect or dignified treatment, eh, white Cherokees?

Stephanie B. said...


It seems like society is making the lives of anyone of African descent more miserable than ever before.

And sell-outs are happy over the decision that they're having a wine and cheese party celebration. I can see the glee on the evildoer Herr David Yeagley's face over it. I hope some in the community reverse the decision, which I doubt strongly.

Stephanie B.

Ann said...

"Black Cherokees Challenge the Exclusion". [Dated Mar. 6, 2007]

"The vote, which calls for amendment to the Cherokee Nation constitution, was described by Cherokee authorities as a move to more clearly define who is a tribe member. Opponents said it was motivated by racism and money.

"Tribe spokesman Mike Miller, based in the tribal headquarters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, said, under tribal regulations, the black Cherokees have until Monday to protest the vote.

"The Cherokee Nation is not going to implement anything until that protest period passes," he said.

Miller said that if the black Cherokees lose their tribal benefits, they will be phased out gradually."

Today is the day.

Monday, March 12 2007.

The black Cherokees have hopefully, as of today, formally filed their challenge to this racist treatment.

What transpires from today, will tell us rather the white Cherokees have come to their senses.

What transpires after today, will tell us whether the white Cherokess have humanity in them, whether they will see the tremendous wrong done to their fellow black Cherokees, or whether they will show how cold, how callous, how dead inside they are.

We shall see.

Twila P. said...

"My Three Adult Black-Cherokee Children Have Not Been Excluded from the Rolls."

Black Cherokees are NOT being excluded from the citizen rolls of Cherokee Nation, nor will they.

All "Indian blood relations" of those ancestors traced to the base rolls are still citizen-members of Cherokee Nation.

Our Cherokee citizens are full blood and mixed but,"Indian blood". That's our common bond. Indian tribes are inclusive of Indian blood.

The March 3rd vote clarified our tribal citizenship. It was a vote by our people for the people. And our citizens said, "People who have at least one ancestor of Indian blood on the base rolls are still Cherokee citizens", regardless of what else may be in their ethnic heritage.

You can read more at:

Twila P.
Cherokee citizen-Blue clan
Grandmother and mother of Black-Cherokee citizens.
Tahlequah, Oklahoma


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