Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Negative Views on Black Women

I came across a conservative website on the internet just to be curious. One of the articles deal with the attractiveness of Black women. It's an old entry but let me tell you, it's racist, sexist, and offensive. Here's the link:

Black Chicks

and this one. Click Here

These people have perfected the fine art of Black woman bashing. We're not gold-digging predators, okay?

Then read the article by one author defending Black women:

Click here


Ann said...


That David Yeagley is one hilarious candidate for ECT and insulin shock treatment!

I read your comment and it was good as always, Stephanie.
Plus, the other commentors on the last link you posted really gave Yeagley a piece of their minds, especially Shark.

And maybe Shark is on to something:

Is it possible that Yeagley's hatred of black woken is because he asked a black woman for "some" and she told him "Hell, no!"
Some men will go ballistic with insanity if too many women (i.e., too many black women, too many Khalahari Bush women, too many Ashanti women, etc.) say that "No", they just don't want to have anything to do with a certain man---in this case, Yeagley?

Methinks that he hates black women because no black woman will give him the time of day.

I am sure all the greats, Freud, Jung, would have a field day with his mind.

Ann said...

"woken" was supposed to be "women!"

Stephanie B. said...

To Ann,

I agree. Mr Yeagley always make a point to denigrate Black women because is a very insecure man. As a matter of fact, he's not married.


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