Thursday, August 10, 2006

MTV Draws Fire for Cartoon Depicting Black Women on Leashes

More devaluation of Black women. How low can pop culture and society in general can get? MTV is known for its rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia. Here, they no-good network is showing a cartoon depicting black women on leashes. Here's the article from Black America Web:

MTV Under Fire For Cartoon Depicting Black Women on Leashes

Disgusting display of misogyny and racism inherent in the cartoon.
Do yourselves a favor, don't watch MTV or BET. Maybe they'll get the message.


Ann said...

Thank God I have never seen the BET channel, and only saw very little of MTV in its very early days.

And Snoopy Dog, don't get me started on that monster. I posted a comment on his site concerning the use of the word "nigger" and the last time I checked in, there was no reply to my post.

Over at Fitty Cent I posted a comment about the downward spiraling condition black people are in and the things black people should do to stop this destructive behaviour of self-hatred and I was attacked by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

And the women in these videos. No one can be that star-struck, that desperate for money, that self-hating of their race and gender that they would allow themselves to be put out like a dog.


Unlike humans, an animal has more respect for itself.

I'm sure they can't wait to take over planet Earth when all the humans finally destroy themselves and stop taking up useful space that other living creatures can make better use of.

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