Friday, July 21, 2006

More on the S.C. Racist Hate Crime

More bloggers are covering the racially motivated hate crime in S.C. Michelle Says So is covering the story along with many missing person, several of whom are people of color.

Keep up the good work, Michelle.


Ann said...

Hello, Stephanie.

Thanks for putting up the Michellesaysso link.

She posts mostly on crimes against women, and one more blogger out there looking out for all our best interests, like you, is great.

Michelle said...

Hey! Thanks for your support! I have mainly geared my blog towards missing people (mostly women) and sex crimes/predators. I try to report and discuss cases and people who wouldn't get "media time" otherwise. I am personally plagued by the "blame the victim" syndrome. Especially when it comes from women.

Keep reading and if you find anything of interest that needs to be addressed, please feel free to pass along!

Your Bloggin' Friend--


PS--By the way, on my Aruban Boycott blog I have many links to the societal views towards women and young girls in the Netherlands. (i.e. prostitution, sex slavery/human trafficking, etc.) The Dutch even have a "pedophile" political party!


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