Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More on James Dobson's Intolerant Views

Here are several links documenting Mr. James Dobson's views on Gays.

James on Gays: Click here
Click Here
James on IRs: Click here.
Click here.

James on Women: Click here.


sailerfraud said...

James Dobson is the founder of the Family Research Council, a clone of the Christian Coalition. They supposedly preach the Bible, but their real agenda is to spread their right-wing bigotry by deceptively placing republicans into power. Tony Perkins is the head of the FRC, trying to pick up the shattered image of the Christian Coalition. I'll be covering Tony Perkins in the future.


clarafiedwords said...

I used to listen to him regularly, but I noticed he was never as passionate about racial injustice as he was about politics. Gradually, I saw that while he used the same words in my vocabulary, they meant very different things to him and his organization.


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