Saturday, July 15, 2006

Interesting and Important Response Regarding the Hate Crime in S.C.

At Alas, A Blog, there are many intelligent response to the news of a very horrific hate crime in S.C. It's very clear to me that mainstream media chose not to cover this one. Here's a posting by Gimmar:

ginmar Writes:

July 15th, 2006 at 8:29 am
I don’t think she’s remarkable. I think fifteen-year-old girls are a lot more intelligent and resourceful than the culture paints them as. As a matter of fact, when guys whine about how they get portrayed in the media, they have nothing to complain about when compared to how teenage girls get slammed as slutty, shallow, illiterate, vain, stupid, and vicious. They’re not granted any innocence or intelligence. That said, she was faced with a terrorist situation, and she came out alive. She deserves a frickin’ medal.

Here's another from Ann from Rachel's Tavern:

The severe psychological trauma she is suffering is devastating right now. She will need the constant support of her family, community and a skilled therapist in helping her overcome this tragic ordeal.

And it does not surprise me that one of the perps stated to the law authorities: “she (sic) was someone society wouldn’t care about, wouldn’t be missed”. With the long history of this society treating the rapes and murders of Black women and girls as less than worthy of human consideration, this so-called human’s words are just a Freudian slip of how devalued Black women’s lives still are in this country.

More from Alas, a Blog. I've just send Sailerfraud, an antiracist Asian American man who tracks hateful white supremacist groups the news about that horrific hate crime involving two white men raping and attempting to murder two black women in S.C.

It's time to be aware that black women are victims of hate crimes because of both race and gender instead of rationalizing such situations by blaming the victim and saying that she deserved it. Such racist views permeate American society and is destroying the lives of black women daily.


Timothy N. Stelly, Sr. said...

Black men aren't the only ones society deems as expendable. The numbers of black women lynched (particularly pregnant ones) in the ante bellum south was significant (see Ginzburg's "100 Years of Lynchings"),

Just like the kidnappings of black females and children go unreported, so will other atrocious crimes. Being young, white and even half-ass cute is all that matters to the media.

See my useless knowledge article, "The Natalee Holloway Case Has Racial Overtones,"
Might provide a little food for thought.

Stephanie B. said...

Thank you, Timothy Stelly. I'll have it posted on my blog tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I'll be doing a write up on the 1 year anniversary of Latoyia Figueroa's death and it's implications on the race/gender/class dynamics of America.

Once again, thank you for sending the link to your article.

Stephanie B.

Ann said...


I would like to answer your questions you e-mailed me a few days ago.

"I really want to believe that the two women get justice they so deserve. But how much justice? Given that history, I say no. But if two black men did that to non-black girls and women, justice would be swift."

I agee that the hatred of black women is so pervasive throughout American society that black women will never receive any justice in this life, definately not from a country that seeks to devalue them on a day-to-day basis.

If anything, when these two women get to court, it will be a case of the defense turning the incidents around as if to make it all their fault that they were raped, beaten and stabbed. The defense will make it seem as if they "asked" for it, they went looking for it,they brought it all on themselves.

Somewhere along the way, the little 15 year-old girl will become a "tramp, a slut, a wanton lascivious creature" who lured these poor, helpless white men into violating her.

A black woman can't win for losing in this country, and as long as America and all those who want to be brain-washed by the contined devaluation of black women keep ascribing to black women that they have no rights that any part of American society is bound to respect, then black women will continue to suffer from the racist vicious lies started and perpetuated more than 350 years ago by white men.

Stephanie B. said...

To Ann,

You got that nailed to the floor.

The devaluation of Black women is very much alive and well and it's institutionalized. It's as American as apple pie and the flag.

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