Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rosina Ferrara

To all art lovers and John Singer Sargent fans out there,

I've just published a bio on American artist John Singer Sargent's muse, Rosina Ferrara at:


And, at my official website of Rosina Ferrara at:


Isn't she lovely?


Yem.B said...

great post,
best wishes

Ann said...

Hello, Stephanie.

I am just making the rounds today to wish to you the following:

Happy 4TH of July!

Thanks for having a great blog site!

Ann said...

Hello, Stephanie.

So, you're a John Singer Sargent afficianado?

Good taste in your choice of artist.

Stephanie B. said...

To Ann,

Hello. Nice to have you here.

I'm a fan of John Singer Sargent and many other artists. Mr. Sargent has painted over 1,500 pictures in his lifetime, most of it on Italian, Latino, and African/Middle Eastern subjects.

I hope you post here as often as you like.

Have a nice evening!

From Stephanie


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