Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stormy Daniels Served In Ohio On Bullsh*t Charges!

Stormy Daniels was served an indecency charge in Columbus, Ohio.
Sirens nightclub is on the northeast of Columbus on Cleveland Avenue near Westerville.

The woman who accused the inept leader of covering up an affair was busted in the area.

Stormy Daniels is a high profile entertainer. She is the adult film star turned activist who alleged Donald J. Trump and his former ally Michael Cohen paid her six figures to stay quiet about an affair she had with the imbecile.

Daniels is an adult entertainer who performs at local strip clubs in the city. Shs also appeared in numerous adult films. She is an entertainer. She is a mother and woman who works to entertain people.

She has to feed her children. She still has a job to do.

While in Columbus, Ohio, Daniels (born Stephanie Clifford) was performing her act and a bar patron comes to her with money. The woman slides a c-note into her g-string and Stormy performs a motorboat and butt grab on her.

After the performance, the woman revealed she is a cop.
Stormy Daniels mugshot.
Mary Praither, a vice cop would soon arrest Daniels on a charge that was passed a decade ago by Ohio state lawmakers in regards to some 2007 law requiring adult performers not to touch the patron.

That rule was hardly enforced and it seems like a set up.

Like Daniels is literally trying to run a brothel out of a strip club.

Once released on a get out free card, she immediately canceled shows in Columbus.

Attorney Michael Avenatti spoke out in regards to this.

Yeah, a female cop posing as a lesbian bar patron puts money in the g-string of an adult star.
Sirens Nightclub in Columbus cancelled shows after Stormy Daniels arrest.
Avenatti was hired to help Daniels through her lawsuit against Trump and Cohen. Avenatti is an attack dog. He is hitting hard against the kookspiracies being swirled around him and his client.

Stormy Daniels believes that Trump colluded with Cohen and Sean "Softball" Hannity to keep her from talking about the alleged affair the two had back in 2006. This affair happened around the time, first bimbo Melania Trump was giving birth to special needs son Barron.

The charges were dropped as of tonight.

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