Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I'm On The Bus And This Lady Is Talking Sh*t About People Of Color!

Disturbing moment when bus rider charges at a Black man filming her going off about people of color.
In Donald J. Trump's America, a white person can word vomit a set of racial slurs and xenophobia at people of color minding their business. There are a few videos posted on social media showing a woman berated passengers on a bus. Allegedly the woman was upset over someone speaking in another language and all hell went loose.

She was seen berating the guy filming. She even assaulted him. The bus driver did stop the bus and forced her off. Matter of fact, the police were called and she was booked into the county lockup.

A female riding on a bus was later taken into custody and held on disorderly conduct. The battery charge could also happen as well. We don't know her name as of yet, but trust me, a good detective will find out where she works, where she stays and who she supports.

Obviously it had to be Donald J. Trump, because immigrants and people of color are being attacked by this imbecile and his cronies running all levels of government. It's pathetic that Trump bitches and bemoans about the attacks on him.

He is supposed to be the President of the United States. He is supposed to ignore the noise.

It's a shame that a carnival barker leads our nation. If we had a Republican with sense, we wouldn't be divided like this.

Oh, today is Independence Day. I am wondering if you're ready to go to war against the right.

Alex Jones declared that Democrats and progressives are mounting an armed revolution.

So could this be the end of the country as we know it?

We'll see.

Here's a bonus, Don Lemon talks about a white woman who berates landscapers because they're Mexican. Estefan Guzeman was doing his job when this white woman comes up bitching about him speaking in Spanish. She said that he is a rapist and drug dealer. She said he should go back to Mexico.

Yeah, Happy Fourth of July, Amerikkka.

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