Sunday, July 08, 2018

Eight Legs Of Joy!

One of North America's most venomous spiders the brown reclusive.
A little creepy for some.

A woman and her partner were terrorized by one of America's most venomous spiders.

Angela Wright is recovering in a metro Nashville hospital after she was bitten by the brown reclusive spider, a dime size arachnid that has a potentially deadly venom.

Wright would visit a local doctor and was given medication for the mysterious bumps. She was unaware that she been bitten so much she started to feel the after effects of being bitten by those creatures.

She was soon hospitalized for the bites and nearly went into a coma because them. The neurotoxic venom caused chills, fever, nasty wounds and rarely death.

Now Wright is suing the apartment complex over this. The woman will now be on blood thinner for most of his life.

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