Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dayton Hopes To Shut Down Bar In The Wake Of A Woman Being Killed!

Ohio woman killed after leaving troubled bar.
I personally know the woman who was shot and killed in Dayton, Ohio last week. She was 21 years old and a first time mother. It brought me pause and concern that our city leaders aren't taking gun violence seriously. Matter of fact, our federal government doesn't take gun violence seriously. About 95 people are killed by gun violence everyday.

Most dangerous call for a police officer is a domestic violence call.


One thing is clear, I work a lot and take care of my son. I am doing the best to stay out of the circus.

The most things I do is basically sleep, work, spend time with my son and travel.

Be careful of the company you keep.

Adiraunna Jackson was gunned down in Dayton over the past week. She leaves behind a son, a mother and four siblings. She was the oldest of the family. She was the niece of a former best friend.

I've known the woman since she was a little girl.

She was killed in a drive by shooting while sitting at a traffic light on Main Street, a notorious section of road in the city tied to gun violence, prostitution, and drug crimes.

Neighbors in Harrison Township are hoping the community rally together to get the club shut down.

"It's just tragic," said Adriaunna's mother, Sherrica Jones.

She said her daughter was a victim of the wrong place and the wrong time.

"They were headed home, they were driving in the car and someone pulled up and shot the car up," said Jones.

Nick Virk who owns the bar said that he is not responsible for the death of that woman. He said he can't control what goes on after patrons leave his establishment.

"If you're a customer of mine and leave the property and do something, or god forbid, something happens to you, I can't do anything for you once you leave here."

The Dayton Police and Montgomery County boys are searching for the terrorist who appeared to ride up upon Jackson and another victim and lit the vehicle up with lead. The second victim Keysaun Harris, was treated for gun wounds but survived.

There have been nearly 100 calls for police conduct. The county officials want to strip its alcohol license and eventually publicly nuisance it.

I have a feeling that the Ohio Department of Transportation will eventually realign the exit ramp and force the closure of the establishment to make room for an exit ramp.
Plush is in the crosshairs after a woman was killed.
Jackson's death leaves a wound that will never heal. She has a five month old son. Adriaunna's mother will now raise that child. The baby will never know his mother. That terrorist took a young mother's life for no fucking reason. They were allegedly targeting the second victim.

That second victim will now have to live with the guilt.

The terrorist will live with the fear of being caught or someone killing him.

Once caught this guy will face murder charges. It could carry LIFE or DEATH in Ohio.

There is a page devoted to those killed by gun violence. The National Gun Violence Memorial shouldn't even exist. Had Congress passed reasonable gun control laws, we wouldn't need to memorialize people who will never hear your prayers. They will never think about your thoughts. They can't hear your religious support. I am serious.

What will it take to do something about gun violence?

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