Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's Just A Basketball Foul! Why You Call The Law On Us?

White man calls the cops on a Black man after he done a foul on him at a basketball game.
And once again, white people are calling the law on people of color for the most trivial reasons. This one really had me taken aback. How a simple basketball game became a viral incident.

Dunking Larry, right?

This incident happened in Dulles, Virginia about 30 minutes from Washington, DC. The Loundon County boys came to the LA Fitness to see if the white guy would press charges for a hard foul at a basketball game.

A white man who got fouled on the basketball court calls the police on a black man for a simple ball rule.

No, I am not freaking kidding.

This was on HuffPost today.

I am amazed that the police actually showed up to question, the unidentified Black male. The others were filming kind of shamed the guy who called the law into hiding. Because, he got his wrist hurt by a foul.

So he wanted to call the police to make the Black man spend a night in county lockup for battery.

Well no charges were filed and the guy was running away from the camera phones.

Welcome to Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka folks.

Dosvedanya, Mr. Trump!

The Republican Party is faced with a crisis within its ranks. It's standard bearer, Donald J. Trump massively fucked up while he went to Europe. Yesterday, Trump met the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The two met privately and would later do a press conference. Let's just say, that his presser was a colossal fuck up. He blamed Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the United States and the Democratic National Committee for the email hacks and meddling.

When asked about holding accountability, Trump basically dismissed it by saying that both countries should deserve the blame. Remember Republicans used to call Barack Obama out for "apologizing for America." I know I remember because you hear that shit constantly being peddled by Trump's favorite right wing network Fox News.

Then he would do a "victory lap" with America's most hated media agitator.

Sean "Softball" Hannity and Pecker(wood) Carlson did a sit down with Trump.

Even the most loyal Republicans would find this disturbing.

Trump winked at the Russian leader sparking even more fury here at home. I mean this is a mess.

The President of the United States has caved to a foreign leader that's not Benjamin Netanyahu.

Donald J. Trump treats this like it's reality television. He got pawned by a guy who sends journalists to the pearly gates. He got handed his ass by a guy who would hire Russians to do an "out call."

I'm Just Playing With My Daughter! Why Are You Harassing Me?

White woman berates another woman for having a biracial child.

A mother playing with her daughter was verbally assaulted by a white woman. The white woman complained about the mother and her daughter being residents of a luxury condominium in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The mother, Alyson Laliberte wrote on Facebook that the white woman, identified as Theresa Lund accusing the mother and her daughter, who is biracial, of disturbing her children's sleep.

Lund dubbed "Sidewalk Susie" asked if the Laliberte deserved to live in the condominium complex.

The whole ordeal was filmed and it attracted 1.3 million hits.

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is facing backlash after it was found out that she was their executive director.

She added that she and her daughter "weren't even being loud" and were simply drawing with chalk.

The woman followed her around and harassed her 'trying to get my information and apartment number as if she had a right to know,' Laliberte said.

She added: "When I wouldn't tell her she proceeded to ask me if I lived in the 'affordable apartments' of the building for Cambridge residents or if I lived in one of the Harvard owned apartments (which is all the same building anyways)."

"It was totally discriminating and racist of her… or maybe it was because my daughter is biracial who knows."

Names like 'Permit Patty' and 'Pool Patrol Paula' have been coined in reference to some white Americans who have recently become infamous for calling the police to report alleged problems with black people.

But social media users have accused them of racial profiling and turned their 'problems' into national teachable moments.

This is Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Who Is America?

Sasha Baron Cohen went there. The controversial comedian pulled a fast move on many of Washington, DC's lawmakers and political figures.

The guy who played Bruno, Ali G and Borat managed to fool some and he is sharing his experience on Showtime.

The British comedian used many personas when he fooled some of the American lawmakers.

In one of his first episodes of "Who is America?", the entertainer poses as an Israeli anti-terror expert who managed to get two lawmakers to voice support for arming toddlers as young as three.

Russian-stooge Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and that asshole who yelled, "You Lie!," Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) were backing an idea to arm toddlers in case of a potential mass shooting.

The comedian fooled Sarah Palin, the moronic former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice presidential nominee. Palin and daughter Piper were tricked into participating for an interview about

American veterans for a Showtime historical documentary.

Cohen wore a fake mask and looked the part of a disabled American with a fake wheelchair and all.

Even former Vice President Dick Cheney was duped into signing a water jug in response to allegations the George W. Bush administration used torture when they detained terrorists.

Check out the preview of the show and get the Showtime app to view online.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I'm Just Selling Novelty Items! Why You Call The Law On Me?

San Francisco woman makes a fool of herself calling the law on street vendor.

A San Francisco woman is dubbed "Permit Betty" after she called the law on a street vendor. A Black man happened to catch wind of this and decided to record her making the call.

Derrick Perryman saw Rene Folena harassing a street vendor because she had no permit to sell merchandise.

Folena was on the phone complaining about the woman. So it turned into viral event when Perryman called her out for "[messing] with people trying to make a living."

Once the video hit social media, Folena got tagged. She also got a public shaming as well as a cannon firing.

Folena who worked for a community activist group that deals with homelessness in San Francisco soon found herself out of position.

Yerba Buena Community Benefit District said that the woman in the video, "no longer works on behalf of the district."

"An employee of a service provider misrepresented the YBCBD," the district wrote on Twitter. "That individual no longer works on behalf of the district. This individual was not a direct employee of the YBCBD and we take responsibility for anyone who works on our behalf."

Felona has responded to the criticism by saying that her privacy was being violated and she had a right to call the law on illegal activity.

Welcome to Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka.

I Didn't Know About The Coupon Policy! Why You Call The Law On Me!

Trump supporting store manager has a hissy fit over a goddamn coupon. He calls the law on a Black woman for a petty coupon.
In Chicago, a CVS manager decided to call the law on a Black woman because he didn't recognize a coupon. The guy named Morry Matson is dubbed "Coupon Carl" on social media.

Matson was captured on video calling the police on Camilla Hudson at a Chicago CVS.

Hudson was shopping at that location and had a voucher for a CVS brand product.

Somehow, this coupon that Hudson had pissed off Matson. The store manager was filmed visibly shaken calling the law on her.

Hudson was in the background saying to the store manager, "Tell them I'll be here when they arrive. You can tell them her name is Camilla Hudson. I have ID and will share it."

Matson said that person is "African American."

She shot back saying, "No I'm not African-American. I'm black. Black isn't a bad word."

By the end of the call, Matson retreated to the backroom and waited on the cops to come. She posted the video on social media and it went viral.

Matson is an openly gay Trump supporter. He is a part of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of socially conservative LGBT Republicans who advocate for anti-LGBT policies.

Another manager at the time told Hudson that she better leave the store, he wasn't playing. She refused to leave.

Three officers in tactical gear came into the store and talked to her. She didn't get arrested but asked to leave the property. So she shared the experience on social media and it attracted CVS executives.

A CVS spokesman said a regional director contacted Hudson as soon as the company became aware of the incident.

"CVS has begun an investigation and we will take any corrective action that is warranted to prevent it from happening again," the spokesman said. "CVS Pharmacy does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores."

Camilla Hudson was angered by a store manager calling the law on her after she used a coupon. A coupon prompt the Chicago Police to respond.
Matson is reportedly involved in politics. He was a state delegate for Donald Trump's presidential campaign and is currently running for 48th Ward alderman.

CVS's coupon debacle is the latest instance of a "white person calling the cops on a black person" under questionable pretenses.

In May, a Starbucks barista in Philadelphia called the police on two black men because "they didn't buy anything." In Oakland that month, a white woman – dubbed by social media as "BBQ Becky" – called the police on a black family that was barbecuing near a city lake.

And in San Francisco in June, a white woman – dubbed "Permit Patty" – called the police on a 8-year-old black girl selling lemonade because she supposedly didn't have a permit.

Welcome to Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka. Where a man who calls the police on a black woman for having a coupon. A goddamn coupon. Wow, this is idiocy.

Little Kulture!

Baby for Cardi.
This week was full of things. I haven't got much time to cover them at good time. But trust me, we are working hard to make it work for you.

Some good news in the baby front.

Cardi B is a mommy. She and new hubby Offset are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Back in September 2017, Cardi and Offset were secretly married.

She named the baby Kulture Kiari Cephus.

This is the first child for Cardi and fourth for Offset.

Hey, baby.....

Kulture is a beautiful baby. Congratulations to the rap couple.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We're Stuck On The Train!

CSX train. Trains are fun to watch from a distance.
Two Ohio men thought it would be fun to hop aboard a moving train.

They thought it was going to be a slow moving train that would have stopped a few miles down the way. Turns out that the train sped up and caused the men to cling to the side frightened that if they lose their grip, they could die.

This happened in Willard, Ohio.

The two men called 911 to tell the police they were stuck on a train and they couldn't get off.
Ohio men found themselves heading to county lockup for jumping a train.
Dispatch contacted the folks operating the CSX train to stop. The train stopped and took the men 60 miles from their home.

The county boys inspect the train and found the two men were not around.

They soon checked the road and saw Kevin Sloan and Christian Hale walking near the tracks. They soon were arrested after the 911 pinged their phone.

The two men were charged with trespassing and vandalism. The two are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Department Of Justice Reopens Emmett Till Murder Case!

Manie and Emmett Till.
Could the woman who lead Emmett Till to his death be charged with a crime?

The incident in Money, Mississippi triggered the Civil Rights Movement of the United States. The incident started from allegations over a simple flirt.

Carolyn Bryant Donham claimed Till grabbed her wrist and whistled at her discount store back in 1955. Bryant told her husband and his friend about the ordeal.

When they found out about it, they went into Till house, snatched him up and beat him to a bloody pulp. They gouged his eyes out. They cut his fingers off. They tied his neck around a cotton gin and tossed in the river.

When he was found, the body was completely disfigured.
That woman and her scumbag husband.
His mother, Mamie demanded his body be sent to Chicago to be buried. She asked for an open casket to show the people attending the funeral how his body was destroyed. A person working for Jet Magazine took the pictures and it became a worldwide condemnation.

The two men who attacked Till were caught. However, they were acquitted by an all white jury. The jury said regardless of what happened, he was a Negro boy who should have let that woman alone. The two men would eventually confess to the murder. They would die without being federally charged.

It was last year the story became the news. The woman who set off the events recanted her story. It prompted the U.S. Justice Department to reexamine whether this woman could be charged for a crime.

I sure hope so.

Cause this woman should pay for this.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump Offered A Word Vomit On A Croissant!

Trump goes to Europe with a feather in his cap.
Our "very stable" genius is still overseas making a total embarrassment of the United States.

So far, Donald J. Trump insults NATO, German leader Angela Merkel, British prime minister Theresa May, Danish prime minister Lars LΓΈkke Rasmussen, the European Union, our global trade partners and will meet privately with Russian Federation leader Vladimir Putin.

He calls Putin a competitor and dismisses the role Russia played in the 2016 United States presidential election.

London mayor Sadiq Khan approved a giant Trump baby balloon that insulted the imbecile.

One English farmer cuts Π‘Π»ΡΠ΄ΡŒ Trump into his grass near the flight route.

Khan openly clashed with Trump numerous times.

Trump openly attacked Khan over his handling of a series of terrorist attacks in London by Islamic State inspired Brits.

Trump spoke the language of white extremists. He said immigration is destroying the culture.

Trump insults CNN during a presser with May. After a bombshell interview with Rupert Murdoch's The Sun attacking May for her handling of the Brexit movement.

Then he boasted that FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were conspiring to help Hillary Clinton win her election.

Congress spent nearly 10 hours grilling Strzok with kookspiracies.

They Called Me A..... And Then Attacked Me!

Can't we all just get along. Fight at a pool in Nashville started by a white man saying a racial slur.
There was a massive brawl at a pool in Nashville and it started because of a white man saying a racial slur at teen.

The white man with his family confronted the Black teen and his family at Wave Country, a Metro Nashville Park,

They tried to gang me, so I just started trying to defend myself. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground, kicked and punched," Tyrone Holt said.

The victim suffered a broken eye socket and bruises. The Nashville Metro Police are investigating the incident and will determine if charges will be filed against the instigators.

Jonathan Sellers, one of the people involved said it was the Black family that started the whole ordeal.

They had their kids throwing stuff at us, calling us white trash this and that, and all kind of craziness," Sellers said.

He said that one of family members bumped into three young Black girls.

The Black family said that the white male yelled racial slurs. It triggered a massive brawl where 40 people had to be separated and knuckle style chilli was served to some.

Wave Country is blamed for not providing security. They quickly defend themselves.

"We are very concerned about the incident that took place at Wave Country on Saturday. The safety and well-being of our customers is our highest priority. While an internal investigation is underway, we will continue to provide access and recreational opportunities to everyone in Davidson County."

This is Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka. A day at the pool leads to a massive brawl. It's all started from a white man saying NIGGER to black children.

Yeah, we got problems.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stormy Daniels Served In Ohio On Bullsh*t Charges!

Stormy Daniels was served an indecency charge in Columbus, Ohio.
Sirens nightclub is on the northeast of Columbus on Cleveland Avenue near Westerville.

The woman who accused the inept leader of covering up an affair was busted in the area.

Stormy Daniels is a high profile entertainer. She is the adult film star turned activist who alleged Donald J. Trump and his former ally Michael Cohen paid her six figures to stay quiet about an affair she had with the imbecile.

Daniels is an adult entertainer who performs at local strip clubs in the city. Shs also appeared in numerous adult films. She is an entertainer. She is a mother and woman who works to entertain people.

She has to feed her children. She still has a job to do.

While in Columbus, Ohio, Daniels (born Stephanie Clifford) was performing her act and a bar patron comes to her with money. The woman slides a c-note into her g-string and Stormy performs a motorboat and butt grab on her.

After the performance, the woman revealed she is a cop.
Stormy Daniels mugshot.
Mary Praither, a vice cop would soon arrest Daniels on a charge that was passed a decade ago by Ohio state lawmakers in regards to some 2007 law requiring adult performers not to touch the patron.

That rule was hardly enforced and it seems like a set up.

Like Daniels is literally trying to run a brothel out of a strip club.

Once released on a get out free card, she immediately canceled shows in Columbus.

Attorney Michael Avenatti spoke out in regards to this.

Yeah, a female cop posing as a lesbian bar patron puts money in the g-string of an adult star.
Sirens Nightclub in Columbus cancelled shows after Stormy Daniels arrest.
Avenatti was hired to help Daniels through her lawsuit against Trump and Cohen. Avenatti is an attack dog. He is hitting hard against the kookspiracies being swirled around him and his client.

Stormy Daniels believes that Trump colluded with Cohen and Sean "Softball" Hannity to keep her from talking about the alleged affair the two had back in 2006. This affair happened around the time, first bimbo Melania Trump was giving birth to special needs son Barron.

The charges were dropped as of tonight.

Peter Strzok Heads To The Hot Seat!

Peter Strzok voluntarily heads to Washington to listen to Republican lawmakers embarrass themselves. 
The former FBI official who was removed from the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election appears publicly.

Peter Strzok is to testify before Congress at this sideshow of buffoonery.

Republican House members summoned Strzok and Lisa Page to testify publicly about the email exchange attacking our dear imbecile Donald J. Trump.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is the leading committee chair who is trying his best to distract Americans with this canard that the FBI is "outta of control."

Who's gonna appear on Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival? Is it gonna be Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) or Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). These two are parroting Trump talking points.
The Republicans are trying to get into the personal business of Strzok and Page. The two had an affair and the two exchanging texts slamming Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Republicans being pushed by right wing agitators are demanding Strzok and Page get fired for doing their jobs.

Strzok volunteered to be here. He will spend 11 hours listening to Republican lawmakers badgering him about his personal business and not what he's done as a FBI agent.

I'm Delivering Newspapers! Why You Call The Law On Me?

The Sharp family was delivering newspapers and some white woman called the law on them. Brandy with her sons Myach and Uriah.

A 12 year old who was delivering newspapers in suburban Columbus, Ohio was stopped by the law. The boy is the great-great grandson of the first Black Ohio State Patrol trooper.

So here we go!

Brandi Sharp is upset that a neighbor would call the law on her son because he picked up a newspaper off the grass.

"First day of paper route and we are pulled over by the police," Sharp wrote. "Sad I cant even teach my son the value of working without someone whispering and looking at us out the side of their eye perhaps because we DON'T 'look like a person that belongs in their neighborhood.' "

Uriah gets out of the family fan and is tossing newspapers at the doorsteps of residents.

Some woman (assuming it's a white woman) called the law because she believed that Uriah was pacing the neighborhood acting like he was delivering the newspapers.

The cops arrive within a few minutes. They stopped the van and questioned the family. After 15 minutes of time wasted, the cops would soon leave and Uriah continued on his way.

The whole incident got attention. It follows a string of incidents where White people are quickly calling the law on people of color for trivial issues.

This happened in the city of Upper Arlington. This is like an affluent city.

Rep. Steve Shivers (R-OH) and Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) represent metro Columbus. What are they going to do about this?

Welcome to Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka.

A boy of color trying to work and stay off the streets is harassed by the law.

The mother who is associated to family members being in law enforcement now queactions how people could call the law on her for doing a service to her community.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Papa John's Founder N-Tapped A Conference Meeting!

Papa John's take a bigger hit in popularity. Its founder, John Schnetter said a racial slur during a conference call.

Papa John's founder may have sealed his fate with people of color.

I will no longer put a dollar into Papa John's Pizza. Trust me, he may be another victim of the Donald J. Trump economy. The third largest pizza company lost support of the NFL after founder John Schnatter complained that players taking a knee to protest was hurting his business.

Now his company definitely took a hit after reports that Schnatter used NIGGER during a conference in May. He was on a call with Laundry Service, a marketing firm that helps struggling businesses regain footing. On a phone call, Schnatter said, "Colonial Sanders called black niggers." and complained the KFC founder never faced a backlash. The call was a role-playing exercise for Schnatter to prevent future public-relations fumbles.

There are reports he used to joke about them good ol' days in Kentucky. He used to joke about Black people being dragged by cars when he grew up.
You are the official pizza of white extremists. Congratulations.
Laundry Services allegedly severed ties with Papa John's soon after. The comments were made in May but leaked to the press this week.

Schnatter stepped down as CEO of the company this year after his investors lost faith in how he ran the business. He took a side role and is likely to resign as its spokesman.

Schnatter is a strong supporter of Donald J. Trump. He believes that workers were suffering under the Affordable Care Act and said he had to raise prices of his products to offset health coverage.

Now this bit of scandal all but surely damaged his brand.
Pizza man and the white turd. John Schnatter chats with Mike Pence.
The company issued a statement saying that it "condemns racism and insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting. Our company was built on a foundation of mutual respect and acceptance."

That troll tagged the pizza company as the official brand of the alt-white.

Well, Louisville, Kentucky is the hometown of Schnatter. Will Louisville-Jefferson County officials sever ties to the biggest company in the metro?

Hey, Mitch McConnell, Todd Young, Joe Donnelly and Rand Paul. You can now have the pleasure of eating at Papa John's. You won't find any Black folks bothering you. They may eventually spit on your pizza, you rotten lawmakers.

Papa John's is officially trash to me. I will no longer eat or step foot in that place. Sorry to all Black workers and franchise owners, I don't want to associate my money to a far-right bigot.

Dayton Hopes To Shut Down Bar In The Wake Of A Woman Being Killed!

Ohio woman killed after leaving troubled bar.
I personally know the woman who was shot and killed in Dayton, Ohio last week. She was 21 years old and a first time mother. It brought me pause and concern that our city leaders aren't taking gun violence seriously. Matter of fact, our federal government doesn't take gun violence seriously. About 95 people are killed by gun violence everyday.

Most dangerous call for a police officer is a domestic violence call.


One thing is clear, I work a lot and take care of my son. I am doing the best to stay out of the circus.

The most things I do is basically sleep, work, spend time with my son and travel.

Be careful of the company you keep.

Adiraunna Jackson was gunned down in Dayton over the past week. She leaves behind a son, a mother and four siblings. She was the oldest of the family. She was the niece of a former best friend.

I've known the woman since she was a little girl.

She was killed in a drive by shooting while sitting at a traffic light on Main Street, a notorious section of road in the city tied to gun violence, prostitution, and drug crimes.

Neighbors in Harrison Township are hoping the community rally together to get the club shut down.

"It's just tragic," said Adriaunna's mother, Sherrica Jones.

She said her daughter was a victim of the wrong place and the wrong time.

"They were headed home, they were driving in the car and someone pulled up and shot the car up," said Jones.

Nick Virk who owns the bar said that he is not responsible for the death of that woman. He said he can't control what goes on after patrons leave his establishment.

"If you're a customer of mine and leave the property and do something, or god forbid, something happens to you, I can't do anything for you once you leave here."

The Dayton Police and Montgomery County boys are searching for the terrorist who appeared to ride up upon Jackson and another victim and lit the vehicle up with lead. The second victim Keysaun Harris, was treated for gun wounds but survived.

There have been nearly 100 calls for police conduct. The county officials want to strip its alcohol license and eventually publicly nuisance it.

I have a feeling that the Ohio Department of Transportation will eventually realign the exit ramp and force the closure of the establishment to make room for an exit ramp.
Plush is in the crosshairs after a woman was killed.
Jackson's death leaves a wound that will never heal. She has a five month old son. Adriaunna's mother will now raise that child. The baby will never know his mother. That terrorist took a young mother's life for no fucking reason. They were allegedly targeting the second victim.

That second victim will now have to live with the guilt.

The terrorist will live with the fear of being caught or someone killing him.

Once caught this guy will face murder charges. It could carry LIFE or DEATH in Ohio.

There is a page devoted to those killed by gun violence. The National Gun Violence Memorial shouldn't even exist. Had Congress passed reasonable gun control laws, we wouldn't need to memorialize people who will never hear your prayers. They will never think about your thoughts. They can't hear your religious support. I am serious.

What will it take to do something about gun violence?

It's Cool!

50 Cent reunites with The Game in Los Angeles.
The Unit's honcho reunites with his old foe at a club and the fans go crazy.

50 Cent was spotted in California partying at a bar with The Game.

Is 50 planning a G-Unit reunion?

Is he thinking about bring The Game back to the Unit?

The two are on friendlier terms. The nearly 15 year old feud is over.

They were spotted at the Penthouse, a nightclub in Los Angeles.

In 2005, 50 Cent had fired The Game out of the cannon after a dispute over credit for The Documentary, Game's debut album. 50 Cent said The rapper was disloyal to the Unit. It was being egged on by Funkmaster Flex and it lead to the infamous shooting at Hot 97 studios.

Since then, the two have traded bars and subliminal shots at one another.

It looks like the two have patched things up. The last time the two met was in 2016 at a strip club.

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Wheeeewww !!!! Can’t even believe I’m bout to say this but, “HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY” son !!! I can’t even begin to describe how your birth was the sole reason for everything I am today. If your mother never told me she was pregnant... I would’ve died in the streets on the path I was on. I am thankful for you & I am ever so grateful to God for giving me you. I have given this Daddy stuff all that I am & I wouldn’t trade being your father for anything in the world !!! You are smart, amazing, talented, caring, loving & the absolute best role model for your brother & sister that anyone could ever wish for..... Today, we kept it light. A lil lunch, a few bands, a lil Gucci, some cake & chill vibes... but next year for the 16th boyyyyyyy you know you gettin a Ferrari helicopter & your own island off the coast of heaven πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ orrrr sumn close lol... either way brodie, you’re my absolute best friend & I hope I made your day awesome - Love Dad [Oh’ all my real fans, go FOLLOW @hvrlemtaylor for his bday & show him some love...... I mean he is the baby from “The Documentary” 🀷🏾‍♂️ #LikeFatherLikeSon
A post shared by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

The two are hinting a G-Unit reunion. If you remember the group was lead by 50 Cent along with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The group would add Young Buck and The Game. They all went on to have successful albums.

The Game was signed as a member of G-Unit. His album debuted under the label and Aftermath Entertainment.

Game and 50: Work this shit out. Get back in the studio and make music.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You Know Puerto Rico Is Part Of The United States! Why Are You Shouting At Me?

White man believes Puerto Rico isn't part of the United States. He is riled up because a woman was wearing this.
A woman from Illinois was served a word vomit from a white man who was offended by her wearing a t-shirt with the words Puerto Rico. According to the man, he seriously believes that Puerto Rico isn't part of the United States.

The woman decides to record this encounter.

This white man was saying, "You should not be wearing that in the United States of America."

This happened over the weekend and it shows you how clueless Donald J. Trump supporters are.

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth and unincorporated organized territory of the United States. It is semi-autonomous. The territory's residents speak mostly Spanish. About 95% of the U.S. territory speak Spanish.

The man was continuing his harassment and then a park officer approached them. He did absolutely nothing to stop this.

He still begging the question, "Why is she wearing that shit?"

This is an example of what Amerikka's about. This is Donald J. Trump's Amerikkka.

A place where Americans are so stupid they failed to realize that Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands are territories under the American flag.

With the exception of American Samoa, most born on territories are considered American born.

In American Samoa, you still need a passport with special notice to enter the United States. Mind you that U.S. nationals isn't American born. The Supreme Court supports the Insular Act regards American territories as inferior.

San Bernardino Worker Iced For Racist Post Aimed At Maxine Waters!

This assistant district attorney could impact court decisions. His social media antics have disrupted court procedures.
Back in December 2014, a terrorist and his wife massacred 14 people. The individuals who were killed worked for the city of San Bernardino.

There is a deputy district attorney who was placed in the freezer after people unearthed his social media postings targeting federal workers and people of color.

The same conservative white people who cry and whine about being silenced by the left do this type of shit. They want to post unfiltered comments about people of color, immigrants, Muslims and people in the news.

When they get caught, they claim they are not racist.

Michael Salyem is facing heat after he called Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) a set of offensive names. He wrote of Waters: "Being a loud-mouth cunt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now...."
San Bernardino County district attorney called for a lawmaker to be shot.
He posted pictures of Michelle Obama holding a sign that read, "Trump grabbed my penis."

Salyem posted offensive postings about immigrants being separated by families. He posted a photo of a man in a giant sombrero with the words: "Mexican word of the day, 'Hide.'"

He is the lead attorney who deals with criminal gang activity. His actions could impact hundreds of people who could be convicted while he was the prosecutor.

Waters has been a target of attack from Donald J. Trump and his allies. She called upon protesters to assail and shame Trump officials when they are in public. She is angry over Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policies.
This horrible meme shows Michelle Obama holding a sign saying, "Trump grabbed my penis."
He wrote a remark in regards to Muslims and immigrants.

"I am all for white males immigrating here legally and starting a businsss. It is the terrorist assholes sneaking in here wanting to kill me an (sic) my family that I am opposed to. I cannot believe how shallow Democrats are. They must really think people are stupid. I guess that is (sic) evident because they actually thought Hillary Clinton could win a presidential election twice.... LMFAO."

The San Bernardino County district attorney's office said that they do not condone this individual and he is being investigated.

Also the U.S. Capitol police could make a call to his employer soon.

This guy represents a handful of folks who believe that because Trump won an election, they felt embolden to be the racist they truly are. See how that works out for you.

Ask washed up actress Roseanne Barr.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Trump Slides A Dick Into The Court!

Trump nominates SCOUTUS pick.

The imbecile decides to nominate a guy who may give him immunity if he is indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors. A guy who could rollback progress.

A guy who could decide the fate of gun laws, a woman's right to choose, affirmative action, gay marriage, the Affordable Care Act, union rights, presidential powers, religious separation, voting rights and civil rights.

Brett Kavanaugh is the pick for the retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Or needy. The 53 year old federal judge could become the deciding factor to some of the country's most polarizing controversies.

Donald J. Trump made his announcement tonight and promised that his nominee will make it through the Senate. He is the father of two daughters and is married to his wife Ashley.

The candidate was highly favored to be the pick among the far right.

The Democrats ain't got the fight to stop this nominee.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate will give him a simple vote. Don't count on Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, John McCain, Susan Collins, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, and Joe Manchin. They will assure Trump gets his pick.

The three are facing tougher challenges in states Trump carried in the election.

Trump has already destroyed the country. He might as well go further.

Protesters Chase "Turtle Head" McConnell!

Turtle Head got chased by protesters twice. Many protesters are calling his ass out for Trump's immigration policies and denying Obama a Supreme Court appointment,
Well at least he didn't get served knuckle style chili.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are facing heat.

This year, Paul got a serving of knuckle style chili when he got into an argument with a neighbor in his Bowling Green neighborhood. Paul's dad, former Texas lawmaker Ron Paul posted some racist shit online. The elder posted a racist cartoon from Ben Garrison, the alt-white toonist who gets a praise from InfoWars and Breitbart.

This weekend, the inept Majority Leader was chased by protesters twice. McConnell was supportive of Donald J. Trump's zero tolerance to immigrants crossing the border. Americans do not approve of the way Republicans are handing this. Trump is still adamant on separating children from their parents.

Once when he was with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The wifey was angry that protesters confronted them.

See the video.

The second time, McConnell was leaving a restaurant.

See the video.

McConnell is the most corrupt lawmaker in Washington. His proudest moment is denying Barack Obama a Supreme Court nominee. He held the former president's nominee for a year. Merrick Garland was denied a seat because McConnell was a fucking sleaze.

Now tonight, Trump will pick a Supreme Court nominee. McConnell is pushing for a confirmation. The balance of power could swing to the right for years.

Trump is adamant on getting his nominee through. Republicans who are desperate for a win will ram this through.

McConnell is very unpopular in Kentucky. Yet, he wins constantly.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Eight Legs Of Joy!

One of North America's most venomous spiders the brown reclusive.
A little creepy for some.

A woman and her partner were terrorized by one of America's most venomous spiders.

Angela Wright is recovering in a metro Nashville hospital after she was bitten by the brown reclusive spider, a dime size arachnid that has a potentially deadly venom.

Wright would visit a local doctor and was given medication for the mysterious bumps. She was unaware that she been bitten so much she started to feel the after effects of being bitten by those creatures.

She was soon hospitalized for the bites and nearly went into a coma because them. The neurotoxic venom caused chills, fever, nasty wounds and rarely death.

Now Wright is suing the apartment complex over this. The woman will now be on blood thinner for most of his life.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

What Happened To Lizmixell Batista And Ras Cates?

A Florida couple was released from police custody after they were unlawfully searched by Miami-Dade Police.
A married couple was arrested by the Miami-Dade County Police after the law did a search of their vehicle. The two were charged with weapons and drug possession.

The police did one thing wrong. They did an unlawful search. One of the passengers was an exotic dancer and they seized her earnings without permission. They pulled them over without probable cause.

The police were caught on camera unlawfully seizing guns, codeine syrup and nearly $20,000 in stripper tips during a traffic stop that they later bragged to the junk food media.

Ras Cates and Lizmixell Batista were pulled over for cutting off a police cruiser in Miami. The cops searched for the couple's car without permission.
Cops had to return all the seized items to a Florida couple.
They found six guns, Batista's tip money, cannabis oil and a bottle of codeine syrup.

The two were booked on multiple felonies and were going to face a judge.

They hired a criminal defense attorney who managed to tell the court that the arresting officers were not being truthful when they did their pullover.

Body camera footage showed the woman telling cops that she has to make a living in order to survive.

The dispute over use of police dogs have been a part of a wide ranged issue.

Do the dogs actually make a hit when they search a car?

Matter of fact, do cops even abide to a motorist's request to not being searched?


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