Thursday, March 01, 2018

Fred Meyer Pulls The Clips!

Fred Meyer joins Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart in removing assault weapons. Kroger owns the company based in the northwestern United States.

Kroger, the country's largest grocery retail company has raised the age to purchase firearms at 21 years old.

It applies to its Fred Meyer locations.

The Northwest states that have a Fred Meyer will require adults over 21 to purchase firearms.

This is coming on the wake of Dick's Sporting Goods pulling all assault weapons and banning bump stocks. They also raised the age to purchase firearms to 25 years old.

The firearms debate has become more vocal after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida.

17 people lost their lives to a terrorist who was a ticking time bomb.

The blame game has became front and center. The left blames the NRA, Republicans and Donald J. Trump for rolling back gun control measures. The right blame the activists, the survivors, Florida sheriff Scott Israel, the FBI and the school administrators for the attack.

Walmart joined the bandwagon.

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