Thursday, March 01, 2018

Colton Haab Played A Fake!

Parkland shooting survivor wanted to create news on his own. He made a false claim that CNN banned him from a town hall because he refused to read a "scripted question." 
The Republicans refuse to take up the gun control issue. They want to focus on gun issues like arming teachers, metal detectors and allowing more firearms into the public.

Tucker Carlson and Sean "Softball" Hannity reluctantly apologized to CNN after they got it wrong again. Fox & Friends did apologize but at the end of the show. The right were worked up over CNN allowing the audience boo NRA's spokeswoman Dana Loesch, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rick Scott and Donald J. Trump.

Softball Hannity issued the following,

"What [Colton Haab] told all news outlets last week was inaccurate. Our job is always to strive for the truth and we want to correct the record"
Fox News peddles in kookspiracies to attack CNN after it clobbered them in the ratings with the town hall on gun violence. 

The Fox News Channel is propaganda for Donald J. Trump. The network is pushing an alternative reality.

CNN did a town hall a few weeks ago. It won the night.

The softball and Carlson were  upset that CNN gave a Parkland school survivor a "scripted question" for their town hall.

Turns out that CNN did not give a scripted question to survivor Colton Haab.

They asked him to not go too long in the questions. They wanted him to at least stay focus on the question he provided to CNN.

Colton's father Glenn maliciously tried to sabotage the town hall. He gave Fox News and the Huffington Post the email exchanges that omitted a portion.
CNN said that Colton Haab altered an email exchange to make it seem like they weren't fair to him. The Haab family tried to create a fake scandal.
I won't waste my time attacking Colton. His father on the other hand was pretty ticking cotton for trying to create a story out of nothing.

Glenn did apologize for causing an uproar.

Trump responded a week ago.

Still up and hasn't been removed since.

Anyway, the so called Blue Lives Matter folks are calling for the ouster of Broward County sheriff Scott Israel. The right blame Israel for not handling the situation with service firearms. The old talking point about a "stand down order" was being played on the far right blogs and the softball's right wing carnival.

Or the comments he made to Florida lawmakers warning them that their time's up. The NRA funded some of the lawmakers including inept governor Rick Scott who allowed 17 people in a school and 49 people in a nightclub doe by an AR15.

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