Saturday, February 03, 2018

Dennis Edwards Passed Away!

Dennis Edwards passed away.
The iconic frontman of the R&B group, The Temptations has passed away.

Dennis Edwards was best known for the hits like Papa Was a Rollin' Stone and Cloud Nine died at the age of 74 from complications related to meningitis.

He died one day shy of his birthday.

His family and the group confirmed he passed away in Chicago.

He was born in 1932 in the small town of Fairfield, Alabama. He began his career singing at an early age. His family moved to Detroit and he was using his talents to get that golden ticket to Motown Records.
The Temptations.
He got his break. When The Temptations replaced David Ruffin after he went to become a solo act, he soon became a successful mainstay.

He also went on to become a solo act and released three albums under the label.

He was briefly married to Ruth Pointer and has a daughter named Issa.

He leaves behind a wife named Brenda.

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