Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Happened To Deyshia Hargrave?

A Louisiana teacher is lucky to be alive after she was detained and booked into Vermillion Parish lock up.

Deyshia Hargrave was a middle school teacher who was upset that a corrupt school board member getting a big payday.

As a teacher, I bet you money that she and other teachers had to put their own money in supplies. I heard that teachers had to pay for pencils, pens, calculators, and possibly tablets.

In school board meeting in Abbeville, Hargrave expressed outrage at the school superintendent getting paid way more than the teachers.

A school resource officer warned her to sit down. She did not comply. So as she was beimg taken away from the board room, she was tossed to the ground.

She was cuffed and sent to a waiting police car.

CBS News reported that board member Laura Lebeouf said that teachers were being treated unfairly. The actions leading to Hargrave's arrest were disturbing.
School teacher getting roughed up by the law.
"What happened here tonight, the way that females are treated in Vermilion Parish….I have never seen a man removed from this room," Lebeouf said. 

"A board member was recognized and a board member's getting ready to speak when she cut into him. That's when the officer acted, and I think he acted properly," School board president Anthony Fontana said.
Jerome Puyau was getting a six figure payday and the schools are crumbling.

Teachers are making less and a forced to put down their own money for supplies. It was frustrating.

Thank goodness that Hargrave wasn't shot. She was booked for disturbing the peace. The charges were dropped.

Now she and others are rallying to oust the school board.

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