Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Trump Pushes The Big Red Button!

Trump hops on social media to taunt North Korea.
As the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is trying to work a truce with the Republic of Korea, the United States once again a wrench into it.

North Korea has said that they are complete and leader Kim Jong-un has warned that if the United States preempt any aggression, he will press the red button.

Donald J. Trump went right to social media to boast about how big his "red button" is. And to his favorite social media, he made the following:

Yeah, we are witnessing a dangerous man trying to start nuclear war with North Korea.
North Korea brags about having nuclear weapons.

For one thing, the big red button is a suitcase called the nuclear football. There one special member of the armed forces that carries this nearly 50 lb bag with the launch codes. It never leaves the president. The president uses a speed dial to order a nuclear attack. Once this is activated, it's on and popping.

Trump is aware of it.
Inside this bag is a nuclear war.
Not sure why he wasted time on social media talking shit. But obviously, he does it for attention or distraction.

World leaders can't stand his antics. Even those in the United States is concern about his mental stability.

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