Monday, January 08, 2018

Monkeying Around!

H&M had a fashion emergency with an offensive display of a Black boy wearing a hoodie.

Oh, no!

H&M faces a backlash for letting this one slip past their board of directors.

Now this image will be splattered on white extremists websites. It will driven up on social media. The young model will likely be harassed and picked on by others.

The whole ordeal could hurt their sales.

The image of a Black boy with the hoodie saying "The coolest monkey in the jungle."

Yeah, we didn't think this one over.

H&M caused such an uproar, R&B singer The Weeknd said he's no longer endorsing the company.

Backlash and hashtag activism cuts both ways. Now that we got your attention, we want you to see how Americans view children of color.

Intentional or not, this was a clear cut dog whistle to white extremists.

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