Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Darrell Issa Out!

Can't take it no more, got to go! Controversial lawmaker Darrell Issa is out.

Controversial lawmaker decided to exit stage right.

Rep. Darell Issa (R-CA) announced he is not seeking another term.

Issa is one of 15 Republicans who were endanger of losing their seats. He decided instead of taking a loss, he took a retirement.

Matter of fact, he will retire with that tax cut that his fellow Republicans voted for. The former CEO of Directed Electronics, the company that makes Viper Vehicle Security is worth $459 million. He is one of the richest members of Congress.

Issa was then a convicted geeker. He stole whips in his younger days. He would end up being told to find a job or join the military.

He joined the military. After he served in the military he put his former criminal skills into protecting people.

Issa is known for being the trademark voice of Viper.

"Protected by Viper, Stand Back."

Issa will head back to the private life.
The infamous photo of Issa on his office roof mocking angry constituents.
This exit signals the potential of the Democrats sweeping control of Congress.

Also there are a handful of Republicans who are running with criminal records. That's not beneficial to Republicans.

Issa dogged Barack Obama throughout his term as President of the United States. Issa was so invested in the made up scandals that helped Republicans take control of Congress.

Issa constantly dogged Obama, Hillary Clinton and then Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast & Furious, the IRS flagging Tea Party groups and Benghazi.

Issa was one of the many lawmakers who ducked constituents.

He was filmed on top of his congressional office laughing at them.

Good riddance.

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