Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Vice Fuhrer Mike Pence and the "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus. The Republicans continue to lack color.

Vice fuhrer Mike Pence posted on social media his meeting with Fuhrer Donald J. Trump. He shared a photo online it was ridiculed for having that one thing Republicans are struggling with.

You know the answer.

One problem of the Trump team, diversity.

This is problematic with the Republican Party. They continue to be the part that's 90% WHITE and 10% EVERYONE ELSE.

To be clear, Pence and Trump had tried to twist arms in House to get the Trumpcare bill passed. He and the fuhrer couldn't seal the deal. Republicans failed to garnish enough votes to "repeal and replace" the law.

Now the Republicans are fighting with the "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus.

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay......!

Missing Black Teens in Washington D. C.

Please share, this is sad that so many children are missing in one city.

There are several missing black youth in the Washington D.C. Area. Here is a listing of 13 of them. Any info please call Washington Metropolitan Police Department@ 202-727-9099.

Michael Che: Boston Is The Most Racist City I've Ever Visited!

Michael Che said that Boston is one of the most racist cities, he's ever visited.

SNL's Michael Che never apologizes for telling the truth. His latest remarks on the city of Boston got the people riled up. The city is denying the remarks that Che said

Che is a writer and performer on SNL and is a co-anchor of Weekend Update.

He told the folks at Boston University that he received angry messages on social media after he made the comment on SNL about the Super Bowl.

In Boston, he said he responded on social media to one woman by urging her to "talk to your closet black friend and ask them to explain it to you." He said the woman responded by answering, "Touche."

Che made the comments on Weekend Update saying about the following about the game.

"I just want to relax, turn my brain off, and watch the blackest city in America beat the most racist city I've ever been to."

He was talking about the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots game. New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 51 in a first ever overtime win.

Che is pretty damn honest. He also is not a fan of fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

When asked to apologize, Che didn't mince words.

"I'm just trying to be more presidential."

Never Gonna Stop: Mass Shooting In Cincinnati!

Mass shootings in the United States continues. Cincinnati is the latest.

It hasn't stop since the Pulse Nightclub shooting. The Pulse Nightclub shooting is currently the most deadliest mass shooting in American history. Congress hasn't reacted to mass shootings.

They won't stop mass shootings under a Republican president, a Republican controlled Congress and Republican governor. The Republicans, Joe Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp and others rather suck dicks to the NRA's Wayne LaPierre and Allan Cors.

A Cincinnati, Ohio nightclub was the scene of a mass shooting. A terrorist managed to fire off his rounds inside the club and parking lot. About 14 people were injured and one person was killed. This happened at the Cameo, a nightclub on Kellogg Avenue near the Ohio River.

That is the nightclub where a night of fun turns into a tragedy.

The shooting happened around 1 am and the terrorist is still at large.

Officials said that one person was murdered by this callous terrorist. Over a dozen of people have life altering injuries.

The Cincinnati Police are furious. This incident could be one of the worst in the city's history.

"We are in the middle of a very horrific situation that occurred at the nightclub with multiple victims," said Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate. "It's going to be a long night for our homicide units to investigate."

Neudigate said that hundreds of people were inside the club at the time of the shooting. It was considered a "chaotic crime scene."

Police said that the shooting occurred inside the club as well as the parking lot.

Cincinnati Police and city officials note that this club has a troubled past.

Donald J. Trump, Ohio governor John Kasich and Cincinnati mayor John Cranley were notified of this.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Secret Service Protects A HUGE Burden!

Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago and Melania's stays in New York cost taxpayers millions.

The fuhrer, vice fuhrer and their families get protection from the U.S. Secret Service. The agency is responsible for the "life or death" service of the leaders, House Speaker, foreign leaders, and our currency.

It's a part of the Department of Homeland Security and has an annual budget of $100 million in expenses. And it has been burdened by the lavish lifestyles of their current client.

There were three incidents in which an intruder tried to enter the grounds of the White House.

Many of these individuals managed to get into the areas marked sacred, Donald J. Trump was in the White House when these three incidents occurred.

And to protect the fuhrer, First Bimbo Melania in New York, Ivanka and the vice fuhrer costs a lot of money.

We the taxpayers pay for every trip Trump takes to his Mar-a-lago Resort, his daughter's trip to Aspen, his wife holed up in the Trump Tower, and Mike Pence's family.

Congress is stiffing the agency of its needed funds.

Remember that Trump complained about then president Barack Obama's taking vacations and golfing. The conservative agitators were complaining about Michelle Obama and their daughters going on vacation. It seems like they're not concerned about how much money is being spent when Trump take a trip to the third White House in Florida.

Just think, he will have schools, roads, and public buildings named after him.

Friday, March 24, 2017

What Happened To Madison Dickson?

A woman was ran over by the law. Tulsa Police are under another scandal involvimg the law using force on a suspect in unnecessary ways. But is this justified?



Once again the Tulsa Police are under fire for some of the most reckless decisions performed by their officers. The dashcam release shows Jonathan Grafton running over an armed suspect.

The suspect did fire upon the officers. But the actions by Grafton drives the question whether excessive force was justified especially when he used his patrol car to run over 21-year old Madison Sueann Dickson.

Dickson who had prior offenses was in a vehicle when the law cornered her. She would exit the vehicle and start firing at officers. Grafton at a split second raced up the sidewalk and ran her over with no remorse.

She was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital. The state is calling the death a homicide and this could be a potential cannon firing for Grafton. He had six years on the force.

He is in the freezer pending an preliminary hearing to determined if the use of force was justified.

No officer used their service weapons in this incident.

Dickson did fire upon the officers. No officers were injured.

Dickson had mental issues. She had been in trouble mostly for improper firearm usage, stolen property and drug use.

They even deployed the Taser on her when she was screaming in pain.

This incident comes fresh after the Terrance Crutcher shooting. The officer Betty Shelby is facing involuntary manslaughter and homicide charges. She was involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man who was stopped in the middle of the road.

She plead not guilty. She could face LIFE in the iron college if the jury is convinced that she deliberately murdered a man after he refused an order.

Republicans Defeat Trumpcare!

Three blind mice. Trumpcare fails to win support.
The Republican civil war continues to rage on.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump was handed a defeat today. The Republicans in Congress couldn't compromise on the "repeal and replace" bill they dubbed the American Health Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act will continue on (for the time being).

Trump failed at wrangling up enough Republicans to get on board with the water-down healthcare bill.

The "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus and House leadership couldn't come to terms on how to replace a law they've sworn for seven years to repeal. The "do-nothing" Freedom Caucus wants an outright repeal of the entire law. They want to eliminate the "entitlements" that benefit the needy.

Trump personally told House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to recall the bill. At first, Trump demanded that Congress cast a vote on the law. The Republicans couldn't muster 216. They have no Democrats on board and moderates were concerned that the bill (if passed) would effect their districts and their constituents.

The bill was highly unpopular. It would have thrown nearly 20 million off the insurance rolls.

It would be a "sweetheart deal" for the Republicans who gain donations from big corporations.

The bill would have ended ACA's expansion of Medicaid. It would have cut funding for those enrolling into it.

It would have redistribute financial assistance, so that people with lower incomes and higher insurance rates would get less coverage than they do now. More affluent people would get new tax credits.

Republicans wanted to pass the bill through the Senate with a budge reconciliation which would eliminate the effort to question the law and make it harder for Democrats to impose a filibuster.

The Democrats are vowing to oppose any repeal and replace efforts. They will only get on board if the Republicans are willing to improve the bill for the needs of all Americans.

Trump hasn't thrown his hands up yet. He said that he'll wait for the time being. He says the Democrats "own" this and the law will collapse.

Once again, has anything Trump ever said was ever proven to be right?

Trump's first 100 days were controversial. He was blocked twice from his travel ban. His foreign travel electronic ban is going to federal court. His pipeline deals will be challenged in court. He is deeply unpopular with his own constituents let alone the people who voted against him.

Donald J. Trump and Mike R. Pence are both worthless. I can't believe these idiots won the electoral college. I can't believe that Republicans won on this constant whining. I can't understand why Republicans can win with revisionist history, racism, stupidity and a megaphone of conservative agitators willing to suck dicks for a paycheck.

Feds Are Closing In On Armed Teacher And Teen!

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI want these two caught. Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas are considered armed and dangerous. The former school teacher abducted the teen and took off. There are tips but none are leading to his arrest.

The parties involved are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We do not condone violence, sexual assault or cast blame on victims of sexual abuse.

Okay, should I blame fuhrer Donald J. Trump for the allegations of a Tennessee man who is involved in the abduction of a teen near a high school?

The suspect is a HUGE supporter of Trump. He even bragged about it on social media. You can peep some of this crazy shit (below).

He tried to reach out to that old fart Rush Limbaugh. He called in the old fart's radio show to complain about liberals and their bastardization of the White House. Of course, we know who he was talking about. The guy left the White House two months ago.

Cummins describes himself as a Jesus freak/child of The King, husband, father, grandfather, high-school teacher, clinician, drummer, audio tech, jeep owner, singer/songwriter, warrior-poet...etc.

Should I say that the suspect is a former teacher for the Culleoka schools?

Should I note that the suspect and the teen are considered armed and dangerous?

Well I am going to and make no mistake: I will do so with no ounce of remorse, regret or sympathy towards this man and the actions he's done to his family, that teen and those who are aiding them.

Elizabeth Thomas is smitten by her abductor Tad Cummins. The two were spotted in the South and the tips so far are growing cold. The 15-year old teen was a troubled teen and Cummins leaned on her. This "father-daughter" relationship turned into a romance when the two were caught making out in the classroom.

Cummins was soon fired out the cannon. He was let go after the board found that his "father-daughter" relationship was improper.

It didn't stop the two from communicating to one another.

As the county boys were investigating him for improper contact, Cummins took out a couple of loans, grabbed his firearms and loaded his change of clothes into his Nissen and bolted.

He contacted Thomas and told her where to met up. Thomas convinced her friend to drop her off at a Shoney's in the area. After Thomas got his gas, he got her and they took off. Now he's trying to plant a seed in Thomas before they are caught.

Cummins was researching about "teen marriage" and "how to survive" before he took off.

Cummins is married with children and grandchildren. Cummins's wife, Jill and Thomas's dad Anthony want the two to give up. They want the two to surrender to authorities before they harm themselves and those around them.

Cummins and Thomas haven't made any public appearances. The only clues is word that they were spotted in Texas.

Thomas may have dyed her hair and changed her appearance to fool investigators. Cummins is known as a survivalist. They could be located at rest areas, rural (often less traveled) highways, abandoned buildings, laundromats, and motels.

He will likely be added to the top 10 list of the FBI's Most Wanted.

He will be charged with kidnapping, rape of a child, child enticement, delinquency of a minor, and sexual assault of a child under 16. These charges could put his ass in the iron college for LIFE.

Thomas could be charged with willfully eluding law enforcement, delinquency, aid and abetting a federal/state fugitive, and criminal tools.

Those who assist them could face state/federal aid and abetting and willfully eluding law enforcement charges as well.

Now the feds are hoping to stop the two from having a tryst. The two may be willing to harm themselves and others. Since Cummins often bragged about charity work in Central America, it won't be long before they conjure up a plan to take them across international borders and into a state that doesn't extradite Americans.

A Greasy Deal Slides Into The States!

The Trump team approve the building of the controversial TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. 

The most unpopular leader in modern history makes a strategic decision on a foreign company's oil pipeline.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump and the U.S. Department of State went ahead and reversed then president Barack Obama's executive order on the controversial TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline will transport oil tar sands from Alberta to Texas and it will come through some sacred Native American lands. The states of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana will now have an opportunity to sign off their land so this thing could be constructed.

Now the permit is issued and the 1,700 mile pipeline could be built within a few years.

Trump claims that this pipeline will create jobs. Trump wants domestic steel to be produced in the construction of the pipeline. The pipeline will bring eminent domain. The owners of property will be forced to sell off their lands. The pipeline is invested in foreign investors and the likelihood of American permanent workers is little.

Obama denounced the pipeline citing that the usage of the line isn't feasible and it would go against the U.N.'s assessment on climate change.

State Department Secretary Rex Tillerson recused himself from the signature. He and Trump were heavily involved in investing in the pipeline.

Deputy secretary Tom Shannon signed off the presidential permit.

Fox News Has A "Smoking Gun" That Squirts Water!

Fox News has a "smoking gun" according to a reporter who was under investigation some time ago.

James Rosen is a reporter agitator from Fox News. He is the Washington, DC correspondent for the conservative cable news channel. He came out of the shadows to tease a "shocker" that he and only he knows.

Knowing that Fox News is the only network to obtain this, I have to question the validity of this.

Credible news organizations have no confirmation on what Rosen's got.

He was on Sean "Softball" Hannity's program with news of a "bombshell" into the accusations of Donald J. Trump being wiretapped by Barack Obama and the Justice Department.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump can't shake the allegations of him and his campaign team colluding with the Russian Federation. The allegations are there and it will likely stick throughout his term as the leader of this horrible country.

Rosen is teasing on the softball's program that the Republican congressional investigators are expecting a potential "smoking gun" establishing that the Obama administration spied on the transition team and possibly the fuhrer himself.

Rosen claims the sources are saying that Trump and his minions were subjected to "incidental surveillance" collection that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) characterized as legal but troubling.

Nunes faces scrutiny by fellow Intelligence Committee members for not disclosing this information to them. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) blasted Nunes for plugging his head right up Trump ass.

Don't look for anything credible coming from the softball and Rosen.

Rosen is a shoddy journalist whose name came into the picture after he was involved in a probe of leaking classified information to the press tipping off a hostile nation.

Rosen's name was mentioned in the Washington Post's bombshell story about a criminal probe into disclosing classified information. He was aided by former State Department contractor Stephen Jin-Woo Kim.

Kim sent classified goods to Rosen in which the reporter told the public. North Korea got word on the United States was planning a counterstrike in regards to the Sony Pictures hacking after it's release of the mockumentary The Interview.

Kim got a penny and two months in the federal time out.

Then attorney general Eric Holder personally signed off a warrant to have Rosen investigated.

Rosen was monitored by the Justice Department through phone traces, his visits to the State Department and his personal emails. They were conducting a criminal investigation on Rosen because they thought he was deliberately leaking secrets to North Korea.

Rosen was detained and labeled a "flight-risk" by the U.S. State Department and Justice after this.

Rosen was somewhat cleared. The Justice Department took a comprehensive look into how to deal with journalist who obtain classified information.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Terrorist Murders A Black Man For No F**king Reason!

A terrorist attack in New York was overlooked by the attack in London.

Over in London, they had a major terrorist attack. A 52- year old man who was a former English teacher was inspired by the Islamic State to terrorize innocent people near the Palace of Westminster.

The attacker Khalid Masood is a British born man who was formerly known as Adrian Elms.

He was under British intelligence and barred from obtaining firearms. Didn't stop him from using his vehicle and a large machete to hurt innocent people.

Four people were killed along with the attacker. One of the victims was an American man who was on a vacation with his wife. The U.S. Diplomatic Office confirms that Kurt Cochran of Utah was the victim of the attack.

While all that's going on in the United Kingdom, our junk food media ignores the terrorist attack here in the United States.

A man hacks another man in New York City. He is a former Army vet who has ties to White extremism. He was caught without a single bullet fired.

James Jackson, a 28 year old man traveled from Baltimore to New York to hunt for Black folks.

He believed that New York is the "media capital of the world." That's alt-right/white extremist code for "Jewish controlled media."

Jackson dressed in a dark suit, slacks and a button-down shirt, he stabbed Tim Caughman for no fucking reason. Caughman was a local celebrity. He would post on social media his encounters with major celebrities in New York. Caughman was 66 years old.

The victim meets Oprah.
The terrorist used his machete and stabbed Caughman in the chest. He stabbed him in the back and chest before allowing the victim to flee. The victim fled to a local police station before he collapsed.

He was transported to hospital and died on route.

The terrorist surrendered. He admits that if the law didn't stop him, he was going to gut Black women and children as well.

He was inspired by the hatred of interracial dating and Black Lives Matter.

He got his inspiration from the alt-right, conservative agitators on television/talk radio, that police union leader Patrick Lynch, Fox News, Breitbart and fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Yeah, I know!

You think I'm blaming these entities for the acts of this terrorist?

Yeah. I might as well since conservatives continue to blame other entities for the acts of one.

Since conservatives are obsessed with blaming former president Barack Obama, Muslims and liberals for the acts of Masood, we should just blame conservatives and Trump for the acts of this terrorist.

Selling Gasoline To A Wildfire!

Trump can't wrangle Republicans.

Listen for the buzzword: "FREE MARKET"

This is the word vomit of Republicans and the conservative agitators who push this nonsense of Americans supporting

Republicans and their slogan to "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" is about to be fulfilled. Fuhrer Donald J. Trump is hoping to secure enough Republicans votes to pass Trumpcare.

Or maybe not!

It seems like the Republicans have to pullback the floor bill until Friday. It seems like there's enough Republicans against it to stop the bill from passing.

Republicans are fighting within its ranks. The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus is vowing to oppose the healthcare replacement bill. They don't care what's in the Trumpcare bill.

The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus is pressuring for House leaders to make immediate changes to the bill. They are using leverage and urge lawmakers to make harsh concessions that could lead to the bill being stopped in the Senate.

They want a full repeal of the healthcare law. The "do nothing" Freedom Caucus has no proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act (and the so-called American Health Care Act).

So far the Trumpcare bill is doing reasonably bad with voters. It has sparked a bunch of protests at lawmaker's townhalls. Republicans understand the frustration but ignore the reasons to why this exist.

Republicans dismiss protests as a front for George Soros, a Hungarian billionaire who invest in progressive groups. Soros is often the alt-right's excuse to dismiss dissent.

The bill will not cover rural, older, and poorer voters. These are the people who put the fuhrer in office. The bill will give the rich a leg up while the middle class and poor suffer yet again under Republican "limited government" and "free market solutions."

Trump's promises are broken by the day. He is encouraging Republicans to get in line to pass this water-down healthcare law.

This isn't Obamacare-Lite, it's Trumpcare and the fuhrer doesn't give two fucks about the your healthcare costs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Devin Nunes: Trump Got The Eyes On Him!

Republican slimeball tried to throw a curve ball into the investigation of fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

California lawmaker done opened up a can of worms. He dug a bigger hole for the fuhrer Donald J. Trump. Of course, he also made it a total partisan issue when he informed the White House that the feds are watching.

Trump can't shake the accusations of him and his associates getting help from Russia.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) confirms that the Trump team was being watched by the feds.

Nunes informed Trump today and it gave the fuhrer "bragging rights."

From Election Day to the inaugural, the FBI and many global agencies were trying to secure a formidable argument that Trump and his associates were plotting a deceptive campaign against Hillary Clinton.

The FBI is looking into the accusations of Trump transition members colluding with Russian intelligence.

Nunes, a supporter of the fuhrer is now facing harsh criticism from throwing a wrench into an investigation that Republicans claimed as an independent.

Attack In London Sparks The Blame Game!

Attack at the Palace of Westminster.

A man caused havoc in Alpha ++  City of London, England. The attack happened at Westminster Bridge in Parliament Square and within grounds of the Palace of Westminster.

The junk food media reports that five people including the suspect were killed.

A vehicle drove into a crowd of people near the palace gates, and a police officer was then stabbed.

Our closet allies across the ocean are seeking information on how this attack occurred.

Numerous injuries and the four nations that make the United Kingdom are in a period of mourning.

The junk food media hasn't released the name of the suspect and they seriously believe that an of terrorism occurred.

The Islamic State hasn't confirmed the attack. But they're certainly praising the attack.

Here in the States, the junk food media and the partisan agitators are once again pointing fingers at one another. Instead of blaming the suspect, conservatives are quick to blame Islam and former President Barack Obama for the attack.

This continuous assertion of blaming a religion for the acts of one man is profoundly ridiculous.

I am so fed up with this sending our prayers nonsense. Prayers will not bring back the victims of these attacks. Blaming someone other than the attacker is pathetic.

Hate wins when we're embolden by the fear of race,gender, religion, sexuality, nationality, economic and political standings.

It's best to not fall into the trap of division and distraction. The terrorists win when we succumb to the the phobias and -isms.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ivanka Trump Got A Floor At 1600!

Image result for Ivanka Trump
The role of  "_____" goes to Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump, the fuhrer's oldest daughter is coming to the White House. She will now hold a major role in the people's house without a title.

Presser Sean Spier said that Trump will be given an upgraded role. It was reported that the 35 year old model/business mogul will get her office in the West Wing, security clearance and a government issued phone.

Her husband, former New York Observer president Jared Kushner is one of the fuhrer's top advisors.

The appointment of Trump has gotten ethic problems written all over it.

Trump's clothing line and her business could pose a serious ethics issue when the GAO (Government Accountability Office) gets a hold of her.

Trump has no political experience like her dad.

What Happened To Rodney James Hess?

Rodney Hess was gunned down by the law. He streamed his death on social media.


An unarmed man was gunned down by law. He filmed his final moments on social media and it lit up.

Rodney Hess, 36 was streaming the encounter with the Tennessee county boys on Facebook live. The father of one was gunned down by trigger happies.

This incident occurred in Almo about 70 miles from Memphis.

According to the county boys, they claimed that Hess blocked freeway traffic on an offramp and the authorities said that he became "erratic" and tried to strike officers twice with his vehicle. He was considered mentally ill by family members.

They believe that even if he was attempting to flee, he shouldn't have been shot.

No firearm or drugs were found in the vehicle and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are looking into the situation.

The Crockett County boys iced the officers who fired their service weapons as standard procedure.

In a portion of the video, Hess said that he wanted to speak to the higher commands before he would exit his vehicle.

Within seconds, he is heard screaming and then the camera phone is still streaming as glass is shattered. Music is playing and a police radio is heard.

Now his family is demanding answers and the public is frustrated over the fact that the state hasn't released the names of the deputies who put the fatal rounds in Hess.

I'm not expecting that squinty eyed bigot to come to the defense of the family. In his warped mind, the law can't do nothing wrong. A Black man with mental issues is danger to White cops.

This story will continue when I get the details on the matter.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fox Iced Andrew Napolitano!

Spreading a fake news story got Andrew Napolitano iced.

The legal analysis for the Fox News Channel was put in the freezer today.

Andrew Napolitano may be on his way out the door after he made an unverified claim (ah fake news) claim that the Brits were wiretapping the Trump Tower on behalf of former President Barack Obama.

The Los Angeles Times got in touch with people who are close to the network. They said that Napolitano, the network's senior judicial analyst was taken off the air "indefinitely" for the report.

The British intelligence agencies said that it's "nonsense" and "utterly ridiculous" to claim that they wanted to phone tap fuhrer Donald J. Trump.

Trump a frequent watcher of Fox News was doing a presser where he continue to make the claim that Obama phone tapped him.

"All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television," Trump said, referring to Napolitano. "You shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox."

Fox News distanced themselves from the agitator.

Shepard Smith was on the television denouncing the Trump accusations.

"Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled  at any way," said Smith.

On Monday, FBI director James Comey publicly stated that Trump's accusations against Obama were false.

The Blaze Iced The Blonde Beeyotch!

Tomi Lahren is losing steam. The young conservative agitator is facing a backlash after she said that she stands for a woman's right to choose. She was then an anti-choice agitator who bemoaned about women who wanted to make a difficult decision on their bodies.

Progressives rejoice, another one falls down. There's a rumor going on that alt-right darling Tomi Lahren is being sent to the showers after her appearance on The View.

Tomi Lahren was the rising star of the conservative movement. She won praise for hitting hard. She took on Beyonce, Jay-Z, Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, Meryl Streep, Jada Pinkett Smith, and others for what she called a "selective moral outrage."

Her videos would net over 4.5 million views on Facebook. She had a nightly program on The Blaze network. She was loved and hated by a lot of people.

She never apologizes for her actions and she was relentless against those who stood up against her.

She even called out conservatives who follow the patterns she often accused the progressives of being a part of. She often said that liberals are sheep to government.

"I can't sit here and be a hypocrite and say I'm for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies."

She admits that she doesn't want the government meddling in the business of her legs, her guns, and her business. Lahren openly declared that she's a pro-choice conservative. She called anti-choice conservatives a bunch of hypocrites and that lit up social media. Now she's got a problem with her bosses over at The Blaze.

Her program, "Tomi" is on hold as of today. This is coming from unnamed sources who told The Daily Caller.
There's a feud brewing between Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck.
Lahren is likely on her way out anyway. In September, Lahren was being such a "beeyotch" at the network, some of her producers and staffers warned that if she stays, they walk.

Lahren's contract is up in a few months and this may be an early out.

On Friday, The Daily Caller also said that head honcho Glenn Beck was furious.

Beck questioned her integrity as a conservative. He said that she isn't intellectually honest.

We got Tomi Lahren, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Breitbart News, Chuck Johnson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Monica Crowley and Michael Flynn. We're working hard to hit them wallets.

The Drudge Report, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sebastian Gorka, Bill O'Reilly, Tucker Carlson and Sean "Softball" Hannity are agitators who are on the list.

Which conservative agitator should progressives focus their "grab your wallet" boycott on?

Fox News
Bill O'Reilly
Ann Coulter
Michelle Malkin
Mark Levin
Sean Hannity
The Drudge Report
Alex Jones
Tucker Carlson
The Gateway Pundit
Please Specify:
free poll maker

We must fight against the alt-right and the agitators who embrace them. We must resist Donald J. Trump and his allies.

Progressives Warn Dems To Oppose Neil Gorsuch!

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump's pick for the Supreme Court goes through his first round hearings.

Today is the Supreme Court hearings of Neil Gorsuch.

The fuhrer's pick for the Supreme Court is a controversial one from the start. Republicans denied then president Barack Obama's pick Merrick Garland for the Court. Their gamble paid off and Republicans can now get a nominee they want despite the opposition from Democrats.

Donald J. Trump, then candidate was calling upon Americans to stop Obama from picking a radical to change the Court's 5-4 swing. Garland was shelved and was totally pissed about it.

The Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky vowed to stop Obama at the gate when it came to nominees. He said boldly that a Court nominee will come after the election. Now that Trump is the leader, McConnell is demanding that Democrats stop opposing the nominees for office and the Court.

He vows to change the senate rules if a Court nominee fails to get confirmed.

Democrats were seething with anger over that.

Progressive groups are also aware of this and they are warning Democrats to oppose Gorsuch or else face the consequences.

Gorsuch is a conservative federal judge from Colorado. He has met with Democrats and Republicans.

Many of them are willing to get him confirmed

Democrats from states that Trump won are fearing a 2018 Midterm defeat. The Republicans are comfortable with their chances.

It takes 60 senate majority to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court. It takes a 51 senate vote majority to confirm nominees to the president (or fuhrer's) cabinet. If the nominee is at a threshold of 50-50, the vice president (vice fuhrer) will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Vice Fuhrer Mike Pence is the person who can break a 50-50 vote.

Republicans have a 52-48 majority. They need to obtain eight Democrats to help them get a nominee confirmed.

Note: Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine are independents who caucus with Democrats.

Right now as of today Republicans have a 70% chance of holding the Senate and House. Donald Trump's job approval is under 50% and falling. But the Congress job approval is at 16%.

The junk food media isn't covering the town halls anymore. Republicans infighting seem to be cooling off for now. They are still infighting over their own version of a healthcare law. The Russian accusations are still around and it's still plaguing Trump. People are concerned about the risks of repealing the Affordable Care Act, the Trump budget and fake news.

Gorsuch will have to answer to this stuff at the confirmation hearings. As well as his opinions on a woman's choice, Trump's executive orders, gun laws, civil rights, and foreign policy.

Feds Trying To Stop An Armed Teacher's Tryst With A Teen!

Teen runs away with her teacher. The teacher is armed and the feds want to stop them from having a romantic tryst.

More teachers are getting caught having sex with their students. Once again in America, the junk food media is obsessed with pedophila. They sensationalize the "hot" teachers who are women. They "vilify" the teachers who are men.

The "hot" teachers get their pictures shared on social media. They attract suitors and get lenient bids in the iron college. They lose their teaching licenses and likely will be enrolled in "Offender U." The "vilified" teachers are armed and dangerous.

Nonetheless, the "hot" teachers will get book deals, engagement to the victim, a child or two by the victim. The victim is either willing to accept his/her accuser as their "true love."

The "vilified" teachers get labels that get the attention of the feds.

A troubled teen and her former teacher are wanted by the feds and Tennessee state boys after they ran off together. The tips are pouring in and they hope they catch them before they harm themselves and others.

The teen who is 15 years old and the suspect is a former teacher who was accused of making out with her. The teacher denied this but evidence proved otherwise.

He was fired out the cannon and I guess he went bonkers.
The two are considered armed and dangerous.
Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins are considered armed and dangerous. The teen was abducted from her a restaurant near her Culleoka school.

A lawyer for Thomas' father said that the teen's alleged abductor is "obviously a man who is not in control of his faculties."

Thomas asked her friend to drop her off at a restaurant in Columbia. Cummins was nearby pumping gas and was spotted on surveillance leaving the facility.

Cummins took out $4,500 loans days before he disappeared.

Cummins is a married man with children. Elizabeth is a 15 year old woman who is considered a high risk run away. Elizabeth has nine siblings and her father.

Allegations of the two trying to get married are popping up.

They were spotted in Alabama but tips have went cold so far. I had peeped the suspect's social media and I found out he is a Trump supporter.

The suspect is 6 feet tall White male, black hair and aged 50. He is driving a Nissan Rouge.

The teen is 5 feet 5 inches tall, White female, brunette hair.

If found, the suspect will be charged with child enticement, sexual contact with a minor, aggravated kidnapping, and unlawful contact with a minor.

The teen might be charged for delinquency and deliberately eluding an arresting officer.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Honest Take On Finding Out I'm A Dad!

I am thinking about working on a memoir about my interesting life. A life that took a turn for the better. However the storm clouds still exists and I am hoping to steer clear of the damage that a storm causes.

Well I have to break the news to our good readers of World News Today.

I'm a father. I am father of a baby boy. I couldn't be more prouder to be a father. However, I am not happy about the situation that made me a father.

Okay, let's get right down to business. I have posted back about My Honest Take on Valentine's Day and the Social Media And Dating: A Love Story. I told you about my experiences with two women who I met through social media dating websites such as Badoo and

Well here's another episode of the social media and the results of meeting women online.

A woman I met through the social dating websites told me a few months ago that she had a baby and the baby is mine. I immediately got a home paternity test. I did a swab and the woman swabbed the baby for DNA. After a couple of weeks, we got the results.

Well it turns out to be my child.

I was shocked. I was hurt and I was really mad. I missed out on my son's birth. The woman told me four months after she gave birth. I truly believed she was a terrible person.

This is my first child and I never expected to be a parent anytime soon.

But now, I am going to dust myself off and prepare for the long haul.

I haven't spoken directly to her in nearly a year. I didn't even expect to hear from her after she brushed me off.

Most of the time, I am very cautious about dating women online. I do not rush into relationships.

I mean it was a situation that I didn't expect to be in. Nonetheless I am going to be a part of my son's life as long as I'm living.

I had to forgive her for this. It was hard to do so. But for the sake of my son I will do all I can to make things right.  I love my son and I hope things will finally go my way.

Recently I made peace with one of the women who hurt me. And there's no bad blood between us. I believe she isn't happy in her relationship and I am starting to rekindle feelings once again.

Another woman I had dated and loved truly passed away.

I was sorry to hear that. I was a lost for words. She leaves behind a husband and a son. She lived in Kansas and I was told she died from complications of a surgery. She was loved by her family and friends.

I truly loved her and I will miss her.

Although we all went our separate ways, I never wished ill upon her. I wish those who done me wrong well. I hope when we see each other again, we can reflect on the good times once again.

Trump Team Got A Lil' Nazi In Them!

British born foreign policy wonk may have ties to Nazis. Sebastian Gorka is a British born agitator who is a deputy assistant to the fuhrer, Donald J. Trump.

Sebastian Gorka is a British born publisher and kookspiracy nut. Gorka is a figure who got good with the Trump team recently. But today, he's facing calls for resignation after it was revealed that he may have ties to a Nazi-linked group.

He is a contributor to White extremist website Breitbart and is good buddies with Steven K. Bannon.

Gorka who serves as a deputy assistant to Fuhrer Donald J. Trump may have ties to a group called Vitezi Rend. The group is a Hungarian based organization that aided the Nazis during the 1930s.

Its leader Miklos Horthy was a good ally to the original fuhrer in charge Adolf Hitler.

Gorka's mother even helped in writing anti-semitic historian David Irving's book.

The questioning of Gorka came from his attire. He wore a medal to an inaugural ball that some considered a part of the Vitezi Rend.

Now Democratic lawmakers and civil rights groups are demanding an investigation into the immigration papers of Gorka.

The Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Council on American Islamic Relations, National Jewish Democratic Council, Muslim Advocates and the Anne Frank Center fro Mutual Respect have called for an immediate removal of Gorka.

Media Matters for America notes that Gorka was then the national security editor for Breitbart and a paid adviser to the Trump campaign. In the past, Gorka was talking shit about Muslims, then president Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

He appeared on Fox News many times. He most frequent appearances were on Sean "Softball" Hannity's right wing carnival.

He is truly obsessed with accusations of Muslims becoming terrorists.

Donna Brazile Admits She Gave A Leg Up To Hillary Clinton!

Former DNC chief admits giving Hillary Clinton a question or two.

Disgraced and dismissed, Donna Brazile admits that she was tipping off then candidate Hillary Clinton before the CNN Democratic debate. That tip off costed her job with ABC and CNN.

The interim DNC chief stepped down after the Democrats lost bigly against Donald J. Trump and the Republicans.

In an revealing essay published in Time that she did send emails to the Clinton campaign with town hall topic questions ahead of the events.

In the essay titled, "Donna Brazile: Russian DNC Narrative Played Out Exactly As They Hoped," Brazile said the Russians did meddle in the election. She admitted guilt.

Brazile admits that Russia deliberately released "selective releasing" emails that made it look like the DNC was "in the tank for Hillary Clinton."

The Trump team is still facing harsh questions about the Russian connections. And even though the Republicans and Trump steadily deny the ties, the constant allegations keep popping up.

It's worth noting worth Tom Perez acknowledged that the DNC will work hard to weed out the problems. Donna Brazile and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) were the reasons to why Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his supporters were distancing themselves from Clinton.

It cost her the election.

Never forget the sexism, the fake news stories, her failure to reach out to rural voters, and the allegations of her health doomed her campaign.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry Passed Away!

Image result for Chuck Berry dancing
Chuck Berry passed away.

The real king of rock music has passed away. The "poet laureate" and "father" of rock 'n roll died Saturday. The legendary singer Chuck Berry passed away at the age of 90.

The St. Charles County Police responded to the home of the legendary singer and found him unconscious. First responders were unsuccessful in reviving him and pronounced him dead.

One of the first inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Berry was man who created rock through a mixture of rhythm and blues, country, western and a touch of a guitar.

Known for the hits like "Johnny B Goode," "Roll over Beethoven" and "Brown Eyed Handsome," Berry's career rocketed in the 1950s after signing a record deal with Chess Records at the behest of Muddy Waters, according to Rolling Stone. His hit single was "Maybellene" and it was the first time he secured a spot in the Billboard's Rock and Roll single chart.

Vanity Fair reports that Berry had an impact on so many people's lives. It was told that Carl Sagan chose "Johnny B Goode" as a part of a compilation called Earth Sounds of Music to be sent into space on the Voyager spacecraft in 1977. It would be immortalized in a different way in 1985, in one of the most well-remembered scenes in Back to the Future.

He was slated to release his album in 2017, his first in nearly four decades.

Chuck Berry is a legend. You can't do rock without the legend.

Berry was born CHarles Edward Anderson in St. Louis in 1926.

He was survived by Themetta "Toddy" Berry and his four children.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Lowercase b!

Bee populations are on the decline and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency declare a dire emergency.

American and European Honeybees (known as the rusty patch bumblebees) are now listed as endangered species.

General Mills is taking drastic steps to bring attention to the crisis facing the animal kingdom.

Honey Nut Cheerios' mascot Buzz is missing and the General Mills company is hoping that consumers will take concern to the declining population of the honeybee.

They are now offering wildflower seeds in select boxes.

The Cheerios website says: "Buzz is missing because there's something serious going on with the world's bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate and that includes honeybees like Buzz."

The rusty patch bumblebee is in dire straits. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared it critically endangered animal.

Fuhrer's Donald J. Trump's massive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Forest Service could spell doom for the bee population. He also delayed the announcement of noting these specific species to take effect until Spring.

Bees are natural pollinators. Bees are responsible for pollinating plants that help grow foods.

If we lose a bee population, then food prices will surge up and cause a food crisis.

Mike Huckabee Calls Big Snoop "Poop Dogg!"

Washed up politico Mike Huckabee calls Snoop Dogg, "Poop Dogg."

Former governor of Arkansas and two time presidential failure Mike Huckabee got the internet lit up like a "fat one" smoked.

He like many conservative agitators were riled up over Big Snoop's video taking shots at the fuhrer, Donald J. Trump. In the video, Lavender, Big Snoop points a toy gun at a clown named Ronald Klump and it was shared on social media.

The rapper isn't kind to the fuhrer and he's made it known on social media and throughout his concerts.

Huckabee, the religious extremist who once said it was "god's will" to see a woman on her knees hopped on Twitter to take shots at him. He had the nerve to label the rapper "Poop Dogg" and it's certainly got the social media meme.
Bow Wow threatened to “pimp” Melania Trump as he attempted to defend Snoop Dogg in his battle with the President.
Semi-retired rapper/actor Shad "Bow Wow" Moss snapped at the First Bimbo.
Matter of fact, he even went after Shad Moss, known to many as Bow Wow.

Moss went to Twitter to defend Big Snoop from the Trumpster.

Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.

— Shad Moss(Bow Wow) (@smoss) March 15, 2017

Moss had to quickly delete the post after he caught flack for the "pimp your wife" comment.
Image result for Snoop Dogg and Trump
All work and no play.
Moss  joins a number of other celebrities who have jumped into the fray, including T.I. and hip-hop loving Republican failed presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Snoop Dogg has not yet commented on Bow Wow's defense.

The New York Daily News reports that Trump's counterargument that someone who had made a similar move to his predecessor would have faced jail time, Ted Nugent, who was featured in a Trump campaign ad, threatened to kill both Obama and Hillary Clinton during a concert in 2007.

Oh, Nugent is a friend of Huckleberry Hound.. Or rather Huckabum. Nah, Huckapee. Oops, I meant, Hugadick.

No comment from Snoop Dogg or his representatives.

Added bonus, Kimberly Guilfoyle goes on an epic rant calling for the arrest of Big Snoop and Bow Wow.

Freedom of expression is under attack.

I can only imagine when Snoop or Bow Wow take a trip across the border, they might be able to come back. Trump might force border patrol agents deny them entry in the United States as revenge.


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