Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Trump Inflames The Middle East!

Trump vows to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He will say Israel owns the city.
You know you got problems when Pope Francis even speaks out against your actions.

Jerusalem is a sacred area to the Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The city is divided by Israel and disputed territory of the West Bank.

Today, Donald J. Trump will announce that he will formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

He will also announce the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem.

The Arab League, the United Nations and top intelligence officers are warning that Trump's decision to move the US Embassy in Jerusalem and taking one side only in this debate could strained relations with Middle Eastern countries. Some of the US bases and embassies are located in the Middle East.

Some of these nations could kick the United States off their land.

The Islamic State and Al Qaeda can use this as a rally call to inspire disgruntled Muslims to take action. Many Middle Eastern, African and East Asian nations believe the United States is bigoted towards Muslims.

This move could jeopardize the peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The corruption of Benjamin Netanyahu will haunt Trump. Trump has placed his world view in the hands of a despot who wants eradicate innocent human beings.

The controversial right-wing prime minister has been pushing the United States even closer to global war. Trump and Netanyahu are distrupting hard fought battles. This will bring a turmoil.

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