Thursday, December 07, 2017

To Tell The Tooth!

Trevor Noah believes Trump's slurred speech was a result of his dentures
The Daily Show host Trevor Noah started a hashtag trend.

#DentureDonald took off this morning. It is mocking Donald J. Trump and his bizarre speech yesterday. Trump at the White House set the tone of Middle Eastern unrest by acknowledging that in his belief, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. He wants the United States to start moving it's embassy towards Jerusalem.

World leaders condemned this and it has gotten the United Nations General Assembly on high alert.

The only country supporting this is Israel. Most world leaders believed that Trump destroyed a 70 year truce between two factions who could spark a global war.

Trevor Noah took notice to the speech and look closely at what Donald Trump was saying.
Trump may have dentures in his mouth.
He believes that the inept leader has dentures.

Noah said that it reminded him of his grandfather when he was trying to finish a sentence.

Trump will say it's fake news and his teeth are fine. A 71 year old man with most of his teeth is rare. Especially if you're Donald J. Trump, having all your teeth is a miracle.

He is the oldest president elected to office. His health comes to question everyday.

Mind you, I hate saying President Donald Trump.

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