Monday, December 04, 2017

Brock Turner Should Run For Senate As A Republican!

Brock Turner should run for office as a Republican. 

Since Donald J. Trump endorses pedophiles, racists, and kooks, why don't endorse convicted felons as well!

Get out of the way Josh Mandel, Brock Turner could be a better candidate for the Republicans.

Turner who got off easy for raping a woman is now trying to appeal his lifetime enrollment in Offender U.

The former Stanford University swimmer lives in Dayton, Ohio and has to register ever 90 days. Well he has plenty of time to register as a Republican and get on the ballot to challenge Handel.

Turner who is the poster boy of white privilege has outraged many.

He got less than three months in the iron college with time spared.

The attempt is victim blaming. The felon sees Roy Moore and Trump get away with it. He might as well too. He can appeal to Trump.

Trump could say he was a "good boy who made a mistake."

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