Tuesday, November 07, 2017


The Republican lieutenant governor of New Jersey Kim Guadagno is facing off against the Democratic nominee, Phil Murphy.

Republicans love low turnouts. Republicans are trying to suppress voters. They often go into low-income neighborhoods to disrupt and take advantage of uninformed voters. Voter suppression is a huge issue.

Republicans are trying to pass voter ID laws to keep people from registering to vote. Many businesses are trying to discourage Americans from leaving that job to go vote. Some businesses will fire an employee if they leave work and have to stand in line for hours just to cast a vote.

Republicans are also trying to eliminate early voting and same-day registration. They believe that minorities will take advantage of early voting and same-day registration.

Republicans also believe that there's massive voter fraud in the country. They usually turn their focus on large urban areas to to make the claims. Large urban areas usually tend to vote for the Democratic Party.

The American Civil Liberties Union and many other organizations involved in voter registration are very concerned that issues like this and lackluster faith in federal and state government has turn people off from voting.

Today is election day. The junk food media will be focused on some major races in two states that could impact the 2018 U.S. Midterm.

Virginia and New Jersey have gubernatorial races tonight.

The state of Virginia has one term governorship. Tonight the Republican nominee Ed Gillespie is facing off against Democratic nominee Ralph Northam.

Gillespie is the former RNC chairman. He was a failed senate candidate and a fixture of the establishment. Northam is the current lieutenant governor Virginia.

Virginia is a swing state. The state had went to Barack Obama twice and Hillary Clinton last election. The Democrats are hoping the anti-Trump fevor could help Northam win.

The soon outgoing governor Terry McAuliffe is trying to run for president. He is looking to make movements in the next year.

Republicans are hoping to seize on the power of the Virginia state house.
Lieutenant Democratic governor Ralph Northam of Virginia takes on former GOP chairman Ed Gillespie.
Gillespie is already trying to tap into the white extremist base by talking about those god damn stupid Confederate statues. In August, white extremist came to Charlottesville and protested the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. A white extremist from Ohio used his vehicle to mow over local resident Heather Heyer.

Ed Gillespie denounced the white extremist. The election polls show that he was losing. Now Gillespie is hoping to capitalize off former White House adviser/Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon's white populist rage.

The Democrats are in fighting right now over Northam's stances. The Democratic nominee is trying to bring Virginians together.

This will be the most important race.

Kim Guadagno is the lieutenant governor of New Jersey. She is the Republican nominee for governor. The Democratic nominee Phil Murphy so far is likely to win this. The current governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie embarrassed New Jersey. Christy had win reelection handedly. He won strong support from Democrats and Republicans. His handling of the aftermath in Hurricane Sandy has given him a leg up. But during His second term, the state suffered a budget crisis. His decision to close state beaches and parks was marred with hostile criticism. Christine's family went to a closed beach during the budget crisis. He also took lumps for supporting Donald J. Trump, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and his lack of compassion towards the working class.

His controversial decision that closed down portions of the George Washington Bridge to spite a Democratic mayor hurt his legacy.

Trump put his money on the Republicans to win. And if you sent this out, the Republican Party wins again.

Once again it's very important that you vote. Let your voice be heard! Get out there and vote.

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