Monday, November 06, 2017

Trump's Asian Cuisine!

Trump embarrasses the United States.

As the president, the responsibilities solely fall on him. His popularity is very low. The core base he's got is still loyal despite the lack of accomplishments, the lack of trust and decision making skills.

Yet, he can't get off his obsession of blaming others.

It seems like this one is still deflecting from the responsibility.

The inept leader is on his twelve day trip to Asia. He will make stops in Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines.

The stops will be marred with controversy. He will face protesters and a world on edge. He will address North Korea, the Trans Pacific deal, the trade with China and forcing allies to pay for services rendered.

Before he headed overseas, he met with Sheryl Attikson for an interview.

Donald J. Trump was given a softball interview on Sinclair Broadcasting Group stations. Attikson, a disgraced investigated journalist hosts Full Measure. She is given full control to peddle her right wing bullshit.

He was discussing the North Korea threat, the Russian investigation, the Donna Brazile book Hacks, the blame Clinton/Obama for everything excuse and the Republican tax plan.

He will also discuss the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He already said now is not the time for gun control. He offered thoughts and prayers as well as Republican leaders.

The inept leader met with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe to discuss the role of Americanism in the region.

He also did a bit of idiot diplomacy when he had Abe help him sign MAGA hat's. He also poured all the feed for the coy fish into the pond disrupting a long standing tradition.

Now he's heading to South Korea and he certainly will turn up the heat towards North Korea.

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