Friday, November 10, 2017

Ohio Sub Sends Extra Credit To Students!

Ohio substitute teacher caught up in a sex scandal. The Montgomery County boys and Kettering police will be looking into allegations of inappropriate relationships with students. The feds will check electronics for kiddie porn.
Sexual abuse is the second threat plaguing the United States. The junk food media is rationalizing pretty white women who are sleeping with underage children. Teachers who are teaching in our nation schools are throwing it away for their lust for the young boy or girl who they groom into a sexual encounter.

This is the power issue that many in Hollywood, Broadway, Washington, DC and your local community are facing.

It's not a race, political, religious or sexuality issue. It's a right or wrong issue.

Many agitators politicize these issues to score points. Roy Moore and Louis C.K. join a list of men who are losing their place in power. The junk food media often tabloids these controversies for ratings.

Can we stop making white women who rape children the innocent victim?

Can we stop sensationalize teacher-student affairs?
Kettering Fairmont High School is a well renowned institution in Dayton, Ohio.
Cause I don't find it cool hearing someone saying, "I wish I can bang the teacher too."

In Dayton, Ohio, a woman is being held on criminal charges stemming from numerous engagements with students at a local high school.

The Kettering Police and Montgomery County boys are looking into Madeline Marx. The 23 year old substitute teacher was accused of having a tryst with a student. She would send nude pictures of herself and inappropriate texts to the student.

Word got out when the student shared the pictures.

She tagged a student in an apartment complex in September and behind a Big Lots store in September. She tagged two students according to the law. The other student possibly went to the same school.

Now she was let out of county lockup on a $150,000 get out free card. She was banned from the Kettering/Moraine Public Schools. The cities of Dayton, Oakwood, Beavercreek and Centerville are reviewing her.

The law took her electronics.

Marx won't be able to use any forms of electronics. She will lose her social media. She will be banned from computers, smart phones, smart TV, communication devices and possibly magazines with images.

She could face 15 in the iron college and be labeled a TIER II in Offender U.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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