Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Kevin Spacey Raped A TV Anchor's Son!

The deck of cards continue to fall on Kevin Spacey.
Netflix and most of Hollywood shut the door on Kevin Spacey.

The actor has taken refuge in a California sex addiction clinic.

Spacey and Harvey Weinstein both dirty ass perverts. They opened the door to a long held secret. Men in power getting away with sexual assault. Now Hollywood is trying to clean up its image and is willing to wipe these smears off the Walk of Fame.

An accusation made last year could be a criminal charge.

The Massachusetts Commonwealth Police are investigating an allegation made by a man who claimed the actor molested him while in Nantucket. The actor allegedly gave an 18 year old busy boy many drinks. The teen lied about his age and was "star struck" by Spacey being in the restaurant.

The actor would try put his hand down in his pants and tried to give the teen an erection. The teen was shocked. When Spacey asked him to join him at his private residence for a little fun, the teen didn't know what to say.

Spacey said he was going to the restroom and clean up.

A woman watching saw how uncomfortable the teen looked and told him to get out of the situation. So he did.
A former news anchor says Spacey Raped her son.
He went to his grandmother's house and contacted his mother, former Boston area TV anchor Heather Unruh crying. He told her that Spacey tried to rape him.

That set his mom off. Now she spoke out and urges other victims to come forth.

The actor hasn't reacted to the accusations.

The actor came out as gay after he admitted to the having a tryst with then 14 year old Anthony Rapp while drunk. The folks over at Netflix immediately cancelled House of Cards and are writing Spacey out of the show.

We don't know how many victims.

All I know is that Kevin Spacey is a washed up celebrity.

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