Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Islamic State Declares War!

Laura Manhattan was hit with a terrorist attack.

It only takes one to get through.

Of course you know that the American politicians and those in the junk food media will offer their phony thoughts and prayers to the victims. Donald J. Trump will try to politicize this by urging Congress to pass his controversial Muslim ban and Great American border wall.

Most Americans condemn these senseless attacks but unfortunately the blame game continues. As expected, we will blame Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump, Muslims, and social intolerance. Instead of blaming the terrorist who committed the act, we blame entities that have nothing to do with it.

A whole lot of attacks happened in the world were inspired by the Islamic State of the Levant. The Sunni radical group is responsible for the attacks in Mogadishu, Edmonton, London and Marseille, France.

Most of their confirm attacks were plowing vehicles into large crowds of people.

The attack in Mogadishu, Somalia was probably one of the worst attacks in modern history.
NYPD stops the terrorist from creating more havoc.
There 355 people killed and nobody in the junk food media mentioned it much. The Sunni terrorist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for that incident.

Of course the junk food media is dealing with a terrorist attack in New York's Lower Manhattan.

About eight people were killed when a man plowed a truck into a crowd of people on a bicycle trail. There were 11 people who were injured.

The terrorist is named Sayfullo Saipov, a Florida man who immigrated to the United States in early 2010. The terrorist came from Uzbekistan. He acted alone.

The man used a Home Depot truck to crate havoc this Halloween.

He even yelled, "Allahu Akbar" when he was attacking people riding their bicycles on the trail. The junk food media reports that a bus driver may have saved countless lives by blocking the terrorists from trying to get back on the street.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Of course, this leads to the question: Who takes the blame?

Terrorist attack in Manhattan. Eight people killed. Suspect caught. Who takes the blame for this senseless tragedy?

Donald Trump
Barack Obama
Black Lives Matter
Bill De Blasio
The Terrorist
made here

Each of these attacks were inspired by lone wolf terrorists. And as expected, this country's most inept leader Donald J. Trump will get on social media to blast the Canadian, French and British government for not vetting immigrants and Muslims. He will clash with the Democrats and civil rights groups over his controversial ban on foreign travelers and that border wall.

None of these things will make America safe.

Trump was quick to condemn this attack. He didn't react as fast to them "very fine people" who killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.

The NYPD was aware of these type of attacks. The police is prepared 100% for potential attacks.

The terrorist was allegedly in Paterson, New Jersey when he rented the truck to use in his attack.

So for the next few days and possibly weeks, the junk food media will debate this. Conservative agitators will pressure Trump to continue his push for the Muslim ban. Progresses will keep challenging his policies in court.

Trick Or Treat!

The Trump team is distancing themselves from Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and an another entity who just plead guilty to the Russian investigation.

The Robert Mueller investigation has knocked the inept leader off of his agenda. When the inept leader fired James Comey, then FBI director in a public spat, the former had a memo of details showing that something is afoot.

Now as you know, conservatives are obsessed with Hillary Clinton. They are trying to drag her name into this by accusing her of the purchase of a commissioned deal of nuclear energy. The right's allegations don't meet up with what happened. A conservative writer named John Solomon was writing this piece about how the U.S. government sanctioned the Uranium One deal under the Barack Obama term. This piece is disputed and yet conservatives are pushing Congress to investigate it.

Roger Stone, Jr. is banned from Twitter. The controversial conservative agitator was on this racially and homophobic rant targeting prominent CNN hosts for leaking. The network was first to break the news that Mueller was about to serve the accused.

Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer were targets of the vitriol.

Stone is under federal watch for alleged involvement in the Russian collusion scandal.
Former Trump lawyer George Papadopoulos talking to the feds.
Carter Page goes to MSNBC to discuss the indictment. Page who is under federal watch talked to Chris Hayes about Manafort and Gates. The embattled Republican operative kept distancing himself from his former ally Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser who became a focal point of this inveatigation.

John Kelly goes to Laura Ingraham's premiere. She is a human whinefest who got another chance at a television show. Kelly said on television that the inept leader was upset that this shit is coming out. It's distracting the nation from the tax reform policy the inept leader wanted to roll out.

Now this guy here is working with the Mueller team to get himself out of a possible LIFE term in federal time out.

George Papadopoulos was Donald J. Trump's foreign policy advisor. Papadopoulos was part of the Trump transition team.

He plead guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud. Now this Papaopoulos guy might be a key to unearthing the scandal that won't go away.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Deck Of Cards Falls On Kevin Spacey!

Oscar award winning actor Kevin Spacey comes out as a gay man in the wake of a sex scandal. Netflix cancels his famous show.

Netflix officially cancels the hit series, House of Cards. This stems from the allegations made by an actor who accused lead Kevin Spacey of inappropriate behavior when he was only 14 years old.

Rest assured there are more than just one victim.

Kevin Spacey is a dirty pervert.

A bombshell for Hollywood. Actor Anthony Rapp came out against Spacey. The actor claims that Spacey was drunk and tried to fondle him. Spacey pick Anthony Rapp by the threshold and carry him to his bedroom. The actor got himself out of the situation and lock the door.

Spacey doesn't even remember the event. The actor wrote a statement and shared it online. Spacey officially acknowledges that he is openly gay.

This incident happened in 1986.

House of Cards is a extremely popular series streaming on Netflix. Once they finish up the 6th season, the show comes to an end.

Netflix and Media Rights Capital are really disturbed by these allegations.

Spacey played the role of Frank Underwood, a corrupt senator who later became the US president after four seasons. House of Cards just finished wrapping up its fifth season.

Born Kevin Spacey Fowler, the actor is seeing his whole career fall apart.

[I owe Anthony Rapp] the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. I have had relationships with both men and women. I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life, and I choose now to live as a gay man."

The statement he puts out is double speak. He is trying to justify his behavior on alcohol and his closeted homosexuality.

Kevin Spacey's name is now toxic. He joins this list of sexual perverts.

Donald J. Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Roger Ailes, Antonio "LA" Reid, Mark Helperin and R. Kelly to name a few.

Former Weeper Boehner: Republicans These Days Are Assholes!

Boehner doesn't want to talk about what goes on in Washington anymore. He just want to sit back in his recliner and smoke a couple of those Camel 99s.

The Politico caught up with former House Speaker John Boehner. The former Ohio congressman lays out a profanity-laced interview about the current state of politics. The former congressman takes shots at fellow Republicans, the House Freedom Caucus, notable conservative agitators and Donald J. Trump.

In the interview, he rips former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz. He called him an asshole. Chaffetz was one of the many members who voted against Boehner's dealership role. Chaffetz retired earlier this year from Congress pending an investigation into his finances. Chaffetz was one of the most frequent critics of Hillary Clinton's emails. The former congressman is now a paid contributor to Fox News.

Boehner ripped current lawmakers in the Freedom Caucus as a bunch of anarchists. He labeled Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) a bunch of stone age obstructionsts. He calls them a bunch of morons who can't even find a way out of box.

He said that conservative agitators are making it harder for Republicans to get their job done.

Boehner singled out Sean "Softball" Hannity as one of the problems. Boehner recalled a conversation with the controversial annoying Trump ass eating agitator. He said the softball is a fucking idiot.

He said that during the debt ceiling vote, he urged the agitator to not go off on him while they're trying to whip votes. The softball went there and mocked him for being a grown man who cries in public.
Boehner was best known for crying. He was really an emotional guy.
He also said that Mark Levin, Matt Drudge, Breitbart and "ass ape" Rush Limbaugh went to the dark side. He faults them for the political divide.

He had no nice words for Donald J. Trump.

Boehner believes that Trump's promises will not be fulfilled. He thinks that Trump we'll have a reality check when really important issues come forth.

Boehner fears that Steve Bannon's influence on Republicans will cost them generations of voters. Boehner believes that Trump's sense of nationalism is incoherent to the issues that Americans are facing. When asked about Trump's offensive rhetoric being racially charged, Boehner rejects the notion. Boehner doesn't believe Trump is a racist.

He did say that Republicans are dipping their toe in racism.

Boehner does have respect for Mike Pence. Boehner and Pence were very good friends. Pence was the House Majority Whip before he gave it up to be governor of Indiana. Pence is the second banana to Trump. He said that Pence reached out to Eric Cantor after his stunning lost to Dave Brat, the current Republican lawmaker from Virginia.

Boehner said that he respected most of the presidents. He misses the days where people got along. He got along with George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Boehner even referred Obama as a friend. Even though, the two had a contentious relationship during the healthcare debate, Obama did reach out to Boehner constantly for advice. Boehner often joked about Obama's golf game.

Boehner admitted that Obama did quit smoking because he feared what Michelle Obama would do to him if he got caught smoking one more time.

When Politico ask about the criticism Obama got during his time as president and the current state of affairs, Boehner remark that Obama was more transformative than Trump. He actually faults Republicans for demonizing Obama. He said Obama isn't the one who is dividing America.

He blames conservative outlets like Fox News, MSNBC, talk radio and partisan blogs for the divide.

Boehner offers a little bit of advice for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Fix it your damn self.

Boehner had offered Ryan the position of House Speaker at the time of his announcement. At first Ryan rejected the idea of being the leader. It took a lot of pressure to get Ryan on board. Paul Ryan wanted to keep a low profile. Ryan was then the running mate for Mitt Romney.

Romney lost to Obama in a landslide.

After a stunning defeat in the 2012 Presidential election, Ryan wanted to keep himself out of the limelight. Now as House speaker, Ryan now has a harder job than Boehner. Right now the Republicans haven't accomplished much since Trump became their leader. House Republicans are feuding with Ryan over how things are not getting done.

Ryan is secretly talking behind their backs and cussing at them for trying to pressure him to do something. Boehner remarks that now Ryan knows how it is when you have that much power. Boehner also remarks the previous House speakers like Dennis Hastart, Newt Gingrich and current lawmaker Democrat from California Nancy Pelosi. Boehner knows how it is now being the leader of a party.

You can read more of John Boehner's controversial remarks.

Try not to cry or cough like you've lost a lung.

Breaking: Manafort Served!

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are being served by a federal prosecutor. The former campaign manager for the Donald J. Trump team is under fire for alleged ties to Russia.

Manafort and Gates are to surrender to federal authorities today.

Manafort was the campaign manager from April 2016 to August 2016. The last campaign managers were Corey Lewandowski and KellyAnne Conway.

Lewandowski and Conway are also under federal watch.

The shady business deals by Manafort also triggered a federal watch. He failed to register as a foreign agent when he did business for Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

This is a huge deal.

The White House will respond to the news today.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller found enough credible evidence to charge the former business executive and political operative.

The NO KNOCK on Manafort's businesses and home were likely signs of a possible indictment.

Conservatives have been downplaying this controversy. They believe it's a pathetic witch hunt. Expect a conservative word vomit to say that Paul Manafort was just a minor player and didn't have nothing to do with Trump.

Gates was a top member of the Trump team and a second banana to Manafort.

They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If they are criminally indicted on federal charge a fraud and failure to disclose, they could get up to 25 to life in the federal time out.

I have a feeling that Trump will pardon Manafort and Gates.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mueller, Mueller!

On Friday, CNN broke the news that Robert Mueller is likely going to hand an indictment to a person who's under a federal watch for Russian collusion.
Donald J. Trump is the most inept leader in American history. The former reality television star and real estate mogul is currently occupying the White House. He is so unprepared for this job. His base is extremely insane. And there's no denying it, he had help from a foreign entity.

It's been five weeks since the Las Vegas massacre and nothing is being done to control gun violence. It's not the time to talk about gun violence says the Republican Party.

The Republican Party rather have you talking about Hillary Clinton and the alleged uranium one deal. They rather have you talking about the Trump dossier that alleges him hiring hookers to pee on the bed that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were sleeping in.

We are focused on the release of declassified information involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The release of these classified documents will fuel more conspiracy theories about what happened on November 22nd 1963.

Only one network is focused on Hillary Clinton. Fox News is treating Hillary Clinton like she's the president. They're so concerned with these stupid emails, those stupid dossiers, and this allegation. It seven freaking years ago, and Republicans are now worried about it. We've moved pass the most deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Trump responds to the controversy on Twitter.

The special prosecutor in the matter with Russia collusion is about hand out an indictment. Robert Mueller is likely to hand charges to one of the five members who are under federal watch.

The conservatives are pissed. They want to eliminate the special counsel looking into the allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

On Monday, the name of the person indicted will be released. Obviously, this person will be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The person will likely lose his or her passport, be on electronic monitoring, have a mugshot placed on the social media and have Donald J. Trump upset over one of his allies being indicted for a federal crime.

The only people I can honestly think that are going to likely be indicted are Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, Sr.

These two have been under federal watch and are likely to be indicted for fraud.

NFL Owner: [Stupid] To Let The Inmates Run The Prison!

Crustacean NFL owner calls all the NFL players a bunch of inmates.

Poor choice of words for Houston Texan owner.

In Donald J. Trump's America, racism is back. It's no longer under the hood. It's in the suit and tie.

As you know conservatives and the Republican Party are outraged over NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.

Many of the NFL players that are calling for the public to know that they're not disrespecting the military, the veterans and the police. The NFL players are calling for police reform and acknowledgment of racism in the United States.
Houston Texans Braxton Miller. He was the former quarterback and running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is from Dayton, Ohio.
Bob McNair, the team's owner is under fire for a racially offensive comment in the wake of protest.


He referred players as inmates. On top of that, he stood by them.

The team was none too happy about these remarks. The team wanted to walk out of practice. Some team members wanted to rip off the logo. Some might

Today, the Texans will play the Seattle Seahawks. The team is likely going to protest McNair.

There are calls for McNair to relinquish the team. It seems eerily similar to the Donald Sterling controversy. Sterling who was then the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has said some offensive comments about black people on tape. The Clippers were none too happy those comments. The team actually took off their jerseys. The Clippers were close to forfeiting their games.
Something's going to happen today.
McNair who is a supporter of Donald J. Trump has been real critical of the Colin Kaepernick controversy.

Kaepernick has sued the NFL owners for being sidelined. The NFL community seen a dropoff in ratings because of the controversy. The controversy has become a political lightening rod.

Many NFL owners want the madness to stop. They believe the players should be enforced to stand for the national anthem.

Other owners like Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones have criticized NFL players for taking a knee. Kraft owns the New England Patriots and Jones owns the Dallas Cowboys respectively.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


A Montana based energy company is under fire for getting a no bid contract to handle the 4 million residents of the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

Whitefish Energy is based in Montana. The company got a no bid contract to fix the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The company is under fire for being inadequate to the 4 million residents of the territory.

Department of Interior Serectary Ryan Zinke is under fire for quid pro quo.

Zinke, a former Republican lawmaker from the state personally knows the CEO of the company.

Zinke, The White House and even Whitefish have no comment to how this deal transpired.

The company is tiny. We don't know how many employees work for the company but rest assured it's working to have power on by late December.

Uh, it's October.

This company got $300 million in a no bid and it's raising red flags in Puerto Rico and the Congress is demanding answers.
The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz concern that Trump is writing the territory off.
You notice the conservative agitators aren't talking about this scandal. They're too busy worrying about failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Christopher Steele dossier. Yeah, the dossier that alleges Donald J. Trump hired two hookers to urinate on a bed Barack Obama once slept in at a Ritz Cartlon in Russia. They want to blame Clinton for the dossier as well as the Uranium One deal.

How many weeks has it been since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands?

Five weeks and counting. Over 80% of the island has no power.

Governor Ricardo Rossello and San Juan's mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz denounced Whitefish for being inept.

The mayor was on social media critical of the slow response to getting power on. The Whitefish executives responded to her on social media in such a disrespectful fashion. It later apologized.

Rossello is calling for a full audit of the company.

A Migo Engages In Bodak Yellow!

Cardi B is engaged to Offset.

Cardi B became one of the hottest acts in the country. Her song Bodak Yellow is one of the top rated songs in the country.

Offset is part of The Migos, a trio of rappers from Atlanta. The two made the news this weekend with the news of an engagement. The two got together earlier this year.

In Philadelphia, Offset got one one knee and pulled out that big diamond. He bought an 8-karat diamond.

That caught Cardi B off guard. She immediately said yes. They hugged and the fans went bonkers.

A post shared by QuavoHuncho (@quavohuncho) on

There were rumors the two were splitting up. Not true.

Cardi B said at the 2017 VMA Awards about the future plans.

“I’m a woman. Every woman, I think, wants to get married and wants to have children. It’s never too early to get married now. You know, if you want to propose to me, you can.”

When the junk food media kept asking her about whether Offset was under pressure to proposed, she replied:

“I don’t gotta put the pressure, you know what I’m saying? I put it down. Ain’t no pressure, baby!”

The Migos premiered their newest single called Motor Sport and it featured Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. The song is a hit. The Migos left Atlantic Records. The Quality Control Music label signed a joint collaboration deal with Capitol and Motown Records.

Some who listened to the single assumed Cardi and Nicki were dissing each other. The two rappers dismissed that.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Revenue Down Over At Fox News!

Fox News saw ads flee.
Conservative agitator Laura Ingraham will start her new show on Fox News October 30th.

It seems like the people over at Fox News are going to have to figure out how to make money.

Despite the good ratings from two of the most annoying conservative agitators on television, the folks over at Fox News lost ad revenue. Tucker Carlson, Sean "Softball" Hannity and everyone else on Fox News been promoting this nonsense about Hillary Clinton taking kickbacks from a company called Uranium One.
The official softball of the Donald J. Trump Administration.
The network spent a hefty portion of time discussing Clinton.

She ain't the leader. It's Donald J. Trump and Fox News is doing lip service for him.

The ad revenue dipped 17%. It's rivals fared well. MSNBC gained overwhelmingly. CNN had a modest drop off.

Remember that Softball Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly made a living dividing the country.

Robber Ate Some Gas Station Knuckle Style Chili!

Might want to get a slab of raw steak.

The most riskiest job in the world is being a cashier at a gas station. Many people who work behind the counter are often required to "drop" the money in order to prevent a would be robber from jacking up the place.

An Ohio man tried to do this and found out that his choice of weapon couldn't withstand the might force of shock.

Andre Young, 52, is being held on $175,000 get out of free card. Young attempted to jack up a local Speedway gas station in Cincinnati. He must have appeared during the night when one of the workers was there. It must have been before the 1am last call when he tried to do this.

In a surveillance camera, young was purchasing a beer and was making small talk with the cashier. Within a second, Young tried to jump the counter and was armed with a blade cutter. The cashier reacted quickly and moved over to the far left as he was trying to escape. Young tried to corner him and guess what happened.

Yep, he was served knuckle style chili.
Robber Got served knuckle style chili at a Cincinnati Speedway convinence store.
Young was bleeding from the face. The cashier called 911 and reported the incident and the Hamilton County Sheriff quickly apprehended Young.

During a hospital interview, Young had said that he was drunk and he didn't think at the time. The county prosecutor said otherwise. Young has a rap sheet that goes all the way back to his younger days. Young tried to jack up the Speedway gas station back in 2005. The last time he did it, he used a bat.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with the cashier, but given the circumstances I don't know if he may keep his job or lose it. Speedway has rules that most cashiers have to follow.

I assume that "trying to be a hero" is not one of the rules.

Although I assume Speedway is happy that their worker is safe, he might get a talking to about taking action into his own hands.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mark Halperin ls A Dirty Pervert!

Mark Halperin is a dirty ass pervert.
An MSNBC agitator who had the New York Times best seller Game Change is under fire for sexual harassment.

Mark Halperin is accused of sexually harassing numerous women when he was then an executive at ABC News.

So far the allegations are totaled up to 10. Halperin quickly went to social media and made a public statement admitting that he had done these things. MSNBC and NBC have placed his ass in the freezer pending an investigation into whether he had conducted his self inappropriate around their staff.

Bloomberg Television has also placed his ass in the freezer pending the outcome of this.

The impact has also hurt his revenue. HBO has cancelled his docu-series Game Change. The docu-series was going to cover the 2016 election. Also his publisher has dropped him. The penguin press has severed its ties with the disgraced conservative agitator.

Showtime is considering dropping his spin-off series The Circus.

Some of the women said that Halperin had groped their breasts and rubbed his erection around their butts. One woman said that Halperin asked her to sit on his lap. He was begging constantly for her to do so and she reluctantly done it.

This is the latest controversy going on in Washington, New York and Hollywood. These men are getting caught doing this shit.

There's pressure on Sinclair Broadcasting Group to not consider hiring Bill O'Reilly, the washed-up conservative agitator who was fired out the cannon by Fox News for sexual harassment.

Don Lemon Got Death Threat From Troll!

Troll targets Don Lemon.

CNN host was the target of a death threat from a troll who happens to be a white extremist. This white extremist is a supporter of Donald J. Trump.

I read The Daily Mail article about Don Lemon being rattled by some internet nobody who decided to use his Twitter fingers to threaten him.

Lemon criticizes Trump for his pathetic attacks on the widow of fallen solider La David Johnson. He said that the inept leader should focus on other issues besides picking fights with critics.

Trump spent most of the week attacking Hillary Clinton, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

It earned him a response from a dickhead who didn't like the criticism.

See this is the type of shit Twitter allows online. If you can threaten a journalist for doing his job, imagine in Trump's America.

Trump wants to arrest people who publish unflattering stories about him.

This Russia scandal also is picking up steam. Conservative agitators are tryi g to distract from this issue by bringing up allegations of Clinton taking foreign donations from a Russian business called Uranium One, seven years ago.

Sad. Do not feed the trolls.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fats Domino Passed Away!

The legendary New Orleans musician Fats Domino passed away.

This was confirmed today.

The pioneer of Rock and Roll passed away with his family by his side confirms his publicist.

The iconic signer who known as Antonie Domino, Jr. broke the color barrier with his music. A man of great talents.

He was a Grammy nominate artist with his iconic album Blueberry Hill.


Jeff Flake: Trump Is An Asshole!

Jeff Flake retires. Arizona senator is fed up with his fellow Republicans and Trump.

The Arizona senator announce he will not seek reelection. Dinald J. Trump and his allies are cheering his retirement. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has had it with Republicans and their blind support of Trump.

Yesterday, Flake announced his retirement after Trump met with Republicans at the Capitol.

Flake said that he can't look at himself as a rubber stamp to this agenda. He says that he values his principles and rather be a role model. He warns Republicans that if they don't put a check on Trump, the party will be doomed.

Flake also admitted that he was facing a tougher primary challenger. He said that he did what was right for Arizona. The senator said that the Republicans are moving further to the right.

The Roy Moore win are a sign of the times. The former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court beat Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in a bitter Republican primary run off. The senator's defeat was big. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell placed his bets on Strange. The right went to Moore and wrapped itself around a white extremist who has said racially and homophobic comments about Americans.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) who is retiring as well is also fed up with Trumpism. The senator said that Trump needs a timeout and is unbecominging of leader.

Trump dismissed the concerns and said that he is happy that he can get loyalist to help him "Make America Great Again."

His allies were cheering the removal.

Steve Bannon of Breitbart News is calling this another scalp being claimed. The white extremist said at the Faith & Freedom Summit that he vowed to take on every member of the Senate and House who opposes Trump.

Sean "Softball" Hannity called him "snowFlake" and "branFlake" on his right wing carnival.

Dr. Kelli Ward, the former state lawmaker who announced her bid is vey pleased with the decision.

This is why voting is important. We have a leader and a party willing to put all of us at risk. I expect we will have civil unrest in the coming years.

Republicans will be responsible for the country's destruction.

Bush Sr. Pinched Heather Lind's Booty!

Photo-op booty grab.
The former president and his staff quickly apologized to Heather Lind.

The actress claimed she was sexually harassed by 41.

George H.W. Bush did a photo-op with Lind and he grabbed her booty while Barbara Bush was there. The former president was at a private screening for the AMC's series "Turn: Washington Spies."

Bush is 93 years old and is wheelchair bound. The former president was in Texas this month with formers Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama doing a charity event for victims of the hurricanes and wildfires.

The former president didn't shake her hand. Instead he wrapped his hand around her hip and pinched her booty. He then told a dirty joke to Lind.

Jim McGarth, Bush spokesman made a public statement saying it wasn't intentional.

“President Bush would never — under any circumstance — intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.”

So the former president grabbed her booty and Barbara Bush rolled her eyes and said "not again."

Lind was told by security detail not to stand by the former president.

Lind was disgusted by the former president.

The accusers of Donald J. Trump are upset. They are wondering why the junk food media is ignoring their accusations.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Cosby, Fox News and other entities made the news.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Robert Guillaume Passed Away!

Robert Guillaume passed away.

A legendary actor and director passed away. Robert Guillaume passed away at the age of 89, his wife Donna confirmed Tuesday. The actor was battling prostate cancer and died peaceful with family surrounding him.

Guillaume is famous for playing the wisecracking butler Benson DuBois in the TV soap opera spoof Soap. The role lead to him getting his own spin off.

Benson lasted for seven seasons on ABC.

He also had roles on A Different World and Sports Night. He was in the movies, First Kid, Lean on Me, The Meteor Man, and Spy Hard.

Guillaume also played the role of Rafiki in The Lion King franchise. Rafiki was the wise mandrill who helped Simba become the king of the pride of lions.

Guillaume was a legend in Hollywood.

He was born in St. Louis in 1927. He was going to turn 90 years old in November. He known legally as Robert Williams. He used the surname of Guillaume.

Guillaume is French for William.

He served a stint in the U.S. Army before He went into acting.

He was survived by his wife and his three children.

Cub Scout Kicked Out After Grilling GOP State Lawmaker!

Cub Scout gets kicked out of his den because he questioned a Republican state lawmaker from Colorado.
Colorado State senator Vicki Marble is a controversial figure. The Republican was under fire for saying Black people are not eating healthy food. She was complaining about the poor using food stamps to eat chicken and ribs.

This went viral.

A Cub Scout grills her on her support for allowing firearms in the hands of domestic violence abusers. He also asks her about her comments about the poor and Black people.

Ames Mayfield was doing his civic duty by asking the state lawmaker these questions.

“I was astonished that you blamed black people for poor health and poverty because of all the chicken and barbecue they eat.” 

Marble denied the comment and said it was fake news.

Then a few hours later, he was told he was no longer allowed to participate in the Cub Scouts.

Republicans want to monopolize "political correctness." They only concerned about political correctness when it suits their needs. Donald J. Trump is the king of hypocrisy.

Gorka: Black Africans Are Killing By The Bushels!

Fake Steven Seagal complains about Black on whatever violence.

Sabestian Gorka said this on a local Sinclair Broadcasting Group station.

The hosts were gasped by the comments.

The former advisor to Donald J. Trump said that "Black Africans are shooting Black Africans by the bushels." The asshole was on a local station talking about gun violence in the country. Of course, he places the blame goes to the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

The company promotes a conservative agenda on your local news. It's under fire for putting on controversial agitators like Gorka, Sheryl Attkisson, Sara Carter and Mark Hyman.

SBG want to buy Tribune Media, LLC. They want to dominate 40% of American households.

SBG also owns Circa, a news aggregator website that promotes conservative bullshit.

Gorka writes for Circa and Breitbart.

Three weeks since the Las Vegas shooting in which 58 people were massacred by this white terrorist. The Republican Party said that now is not the time to talk about gun violence.

Mind you 93 people are killed by firearms a day. Over 2,300 people have died since the Las Vegas shooting.

Gorka runs up this canard about Chicago. The city of Chicago had over 600 fatal shootings and Congress is doing nothing about this.

Gorka is using a classic deflection tactic to ignore gun violence.

This was one of the Nazis in the White House.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Megyn Kelly: O'Reilly Is Still A Pervert!

Just because Megyn Kelly spoke out against Bill O'Reilly and Fox News doesn't mean we forget that she was a part of the problem. Kelly speaks out against sexual harassment. We haven't forgotten about her controversial statements about black people.

The former ladies of Fox News hit back at Bill O'Reilly. Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly both came out swinging against disgraced conservative agitator.

The New York Times reported that O'Reilly paid out his former colleague Lis Wiehl a estimated amount of $32 million for allegations of sexual harassment.

Wiehl claimed the two had a nonconsensual sexual encounter. She claimed that O'Reilly had sexually harassed her on numerous occasions. He even sent her gay porn and was panting on the phone like he was masturbating.

Why Bill O'Reilly divorced his wife Maureen McPhilly?

According to his ex-wife, O'Reilly was at negligent husband and father.

She was aware of O'Reilly's cheating ways. O'Reilly wanted to get revenge on her by hiring Bo Dietl to harass her. The disgrace conservative agitator also tried to get her boyfriend at the time fired from his job as a cop.
Bill O'Reilly is officially a washed-up celebrity. He is doing podcasts out of his home. He may occasionally appear on Glenn Beck's train wreck and Sean "Softball" Hannity's right-wing carnival.
Back in 2015, O'Reilly was facing a divorce hearing. According to his ex-wife, he physically assaulted her and dragged her down a flight of stairs. O'Reilly's daughter was the key figure in this situation. The daughter and son live with his ex-wife.

There are allegations of him cheating on his wife for years but no one seemed to care. Remember in 2004, O'Reilly escaped controversy. The Andrea Mackris situation was the first issue that brought attention to O'Reilly.

He managed to polish off his image and payout Mackris over $4 million in punitive damages.

And even before this latest round of controversy, Fox News still hired him.

Megyn Kelly who now works for NBC came out to blast the washed up celebrity for his denials of wrongdoing. She also blasted her former boss Bill Shine for allowing this to continue. Shine was fured out the cannon this year.
Megyn Kelly releases her email to Bill Shine and Jack Abernathy.
Irena Briganti and Jack Abernathy continue to work at Fox News despite their history of covering up scandals and allegedly sexually harassing employees.

The former CEO Roger Ailes was fired out the cannon after Carlson sued him for sexual harassment, it opened the door to many accusations against him. He denied any wrongdoing. Ailes died earlier this year leaving behind a legacy of

Mind you, Kelly isn't a saint. She didn't feel this way when she attacked women of color. She often dismissed their concerns about sexual harassment.

Think about how she treated Michelle Obama.

She is struggling over at NBC News. She lost her core base of viewers. They paid her $15 million to revamp Today and Dateline. So far, it's not living up to expectations.

Conservatives look at her as a traitor for taking shots at inept leader Donald J. Trump and her speaking out against Fox News.

Liberals won't let her slide because of her past history and controversial comments about Black people and women. We're still mad that Tamron Hall was fired out the cannon because of her.


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