Tuesday, September 12, 2017

David Doptis Clams Up After Posting A Racial Jab At Detroit Lion Fans!

A viral photo circulated online this week. A Michigan business owner is under fire for sending to his friends a post of two Black people attending the Detroit Lions game.

He was riled up over the pair not standing up for the national anthem.

So he posts online calling them "Ignorant Niggers." He says the two should to get The hell out The country. He said they were disrespectful  The owner of the business is named David Doptis and his business Restuarant Liquidation Auctions in Pontiac, Michigan.

And now the woman who attended the game comes forth to denounce the guy who filmed them without permission.
Ignorant business owner shuts down social media after he called Detroit Lions fans racial slurs.
Stacey Graham said that disagreed with the third verse of the national anthem.

Doptis at first denied posting it. He said that he was hacked and he wasn't the one. But his recent postings on his now deactivated Facebook page shows racially offensive shit.

Now when the assholes came forth, he claimed the Black couple didn't stand up for the anthem after two 80 year old Black men begged them to stand up.

Doptis would soon close his business and go into hiding. He got his share of death threats and boycotts of his business.

Graham wants his season tickets cancelled. I certainly hope they ban his ass from Ford Field.

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Walter Brown said...

Good morning Mr David Doptis, owner of Restaurant Liquidations & Auctions located in Pontiac, MI a predominantly African American community. On yesterday during the Detroit lions game, you were inclined to post to your social media. I believe you stated, "you wana sit down for the national anthem? You don't like our country the get the fuck outt!" You then post a pic (without authorization or awareness) and highlined it "Ignorant Niggers!"


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