Friday, September 08, 2017

Ass Ape Limbaugh Won't Ride Out The Storm!

Rush Limbaugh is leaving one of his five mansions in West Palm Beach. Hurricane Irma is a coming and the ass ape is going to leave for shelter. Just this week he told his dying audience the hurricane was a hoax sparked by liberal concern for climate change.
Republicans are always trying to say they are strong on security. They only are strong in two things: Their goddamn tongues and their need to rewrite history.

George W. Bush set the bar for Republican failure. The years 2001 and 2005 were examples of failed governance. Republicans and the need to cut the government will always backfire. And of course, they will blame the Democrats for being the party of Big Government.

The current leader is well on his way to failure. He will blame the Democrats for this. The conservative agitators will parrot the notion to their dying audience.

Once a Democrat wins the White House, conservatives will once again bemoan about how the country is going to hell, urge Republicans to obstruct the leader, and force another government shutdown in the middle of a crisis.

The Democrats believe in smart governance. However, they speak to a crowd of morons who refuse to believe in issues like climate change and the need for the safety net. The junk food media continued to play upon the fears of being political bias instead of holding lawmakers accountable. The leader and his base have decided that regardless of the facts, it's liberal propaganda.

The looming disaster ahead. Hurricane Irma is considered worse than Katrina.

Worse than Andrew, Felix, Rita, Hugo, Sandy and Harvey combined.

It is extremely serious.

Republicans lawmakers voted against the hurricane relief. About 90 members of the House of Representatives and 17 members of the Senate voted against Harvey disaster relief.

It still managed to win bipartisan approval. The inept leader will sign the law.
Al Roker slammed the old fart for telling his audience to not take hurricane warnings seriously.
Prepare yourself for a catastrophe. Florida governor Rick Scott warned residents to seek higher ground. Donald J. Trump went to social media to urge stubborn Americans to leave the properties behind and save their lives.

The five ex-presidents come together to urge Americans to donate in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They will probably team up with Trump to get things rolling on disaster relief.

I said this and I meant this.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean "Softball" Hannity are toxic waste. The radio conglomerate iHeartMedia is paying two of the most controversial figures in the junk food media. They make millions off of profit rage. They continue to push bullshit under the guise of news, opinion and entertainment.

Now in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Limbaugh said on Thursday, he will take shelter in a secret location. He didn't think he would escape criticism.

The ass ape declared just this week that the junk food media is promoting propaganda when it came to this dangerous weather event.

Limbaugh decided that it's a hoax to drive up business sales.
Trump's Mar a Largo is going to be hit by the storm. It's located ten miles from old fart Rush Limbaugh's five mansions in West Palm Beach.
Nope. It's a real deadly storm that already claimed over 100 lives.

Al Roker took to social media to blast Limbaugh. On the Weather Channel and Today Show, Roker to address the dangers of staying. Roker actually replied to CNN's Brian Stelter. Shelter reported it today.

Roker went onto mock the ass ape's 180.

Limbaugh promised to return to the airwaves on Monday.

Wondering if iHeart is going to suspend him for this?

Mark Steyn took to the board Friday to dismiss the criticism. He decided to focus more on the Hillary Clinton book What Happened.

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