Friday, August 11, 2017

What Happened To Jamoneisha Merritt?

The law is investigating an incident where a 11 year old girl's face was disfigured by boiling hot water.

Remember Melania Trump was going to focus on bullying. It seems like she's not really putting an effort to curbing bullying. See her predecessor was devoted to helping children. Melania is only in it for the perks of being married to a billionaire who is our inept leader.

The rarely seen Trump doesn't really live up to expectations.

Wen it came to class, sensitivity and patriotism, Michelle Obama had that one hands down.

This incident in New York City would have gotten Obama's attention.

A 11 year old girl is disfigured by a callous teen. This teen poured boiling hot water on Jamoneisha Merritt. The girl is blinded by this so-called "hot water challenge."

This wasn't a sleepover. This was a pure setup to attack a girl for no fucking reason.

This happened on Sunday night in The Bronx. The young girl was burned by this friend who was soon taken to custody. The 12 year old girl is being held on attempted murder and felonious assault.
Jamoneisha was blinded and disfigured by a disgusting prank by a group of teens. They poured boiling hot water on her face.
The girl is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If she is charged as a juvenile, she could be put in juvie for the teen years with 10 years of probation and her family will be liable for the damages to Jamoneisha. If charged as an adult, she could face 20 years in the iron college for this.

A cup of boiling water burned her face, arms and neck. The girls eyes are shut and her face is pink with bulbous skin lesions.

Her mother Ebony Merritt is furious about this.

"She don't understand why they did that to her. She thought they was her friends. I told that they didn't like her. And they just been bullying her," said Ebony Merritt.

She also took to social media to denounce the social media challenges that people do for click bait.
Her injuries are life threatening.
One of the girls confessed that, they were going to do something to her.

This prank has already been inspiring children to do dangerous acts on unsuspecting victims.

How the hell did this happen to her beautiful daughter?

These injuries permanently disfigured the young girl who was considered a joy to her family.

I heard about the tragic death of Ki'ari Pope. The little 8 year old girl was killed in July after she drank boiling water from a straw after she watched a video on social media.

Ki'ari had died after treatment to help her breath failed. She had to have her windpipe removed and placed with a tracheotomy device.

I am saddened that these two young Black girls are victims of ignorance by our own.
Ki'ari Pope drank boiling hot water. This was the last pictures of the little girl before she died. She had a tracheotomy for damages to her windpipe. The girl died of a deadly infection.
We constantly talk about White people doing harm to Black people. We talked about racism within Donald J. Trump's America. Now we have to talk about Blacks destroying our own with stupidity.

Pouring hot water on people isn't smart. If you're not a stuntman or magician, you should never try this shit at home.

Get woke, Blacks folks. You guys need to stop following the stupidity trends. Let's not resort to doing things that professional stuntmen and women do.

I want to say that Jamoneisha got long road to recovery. She is a beautiful child of color and these heartless girls better be lucky someone doesn't retaliate by throwing or pouring boiling fluid on them.

Also to the family of Ki'ari Pope, this incident is a grave reminder that our children are precious. A jewel was lost last month and no one in the junk food media mentioned her name.

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