Thursday, August 03, 2017

West Virginia Guv Wets His Panties At The Sight Of Trump!

Trump grabbed West Virginia's governor by the....!
The governor of West Virginia switches parties and gives the Republicans another state.

He ran as a Democrat and won his election against the Republican Party's pick for a nominee.

He won, handily.

Now today, Jim Justice appears at a Donald J. Trump rally to announce he came home. Only seven months into his term, he switches the party that helped his ass win.


The billionaire coal magnate originally was a Republican. He had switched party numerous times.

Progressives are urging Democrats to get rid of the conservatives. They are tired of backstabbing and undermining the cause.

Justice is an example of what's wrong with the Democratic Party.

The party is still searching in the wilderness. They still are trying to figure out whether they're proud to be progressive or they're just proud that they still exist.

Who knows?

The Democrats did write off White working class voters who come from the Rust Belt.

Trump's promises of bringing jobs back to America and giving those "left-behind" a fair shake.

Union members who normally support Democrats turned away from that. They found that Democrats have not lived up to the promise they've stood for.

Now these new Trump Democrats are growing in the South.

West Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri had elected Democrats as governor, Senator, and House Representative.

West Virginia has a Republican majority in the House and one Democratic senator who matter as well be a Republican.

Arkansas has all Republican House members and two Republican Senators.

Kentucky has one Democratic House representative while the rest of the state has Republican members of the House and Senate.

Missouri has two Democratic House representative and one Senator while the rest of the state has Republican members of the House and one Senator.

The Democrats continue to suffer in the rural and suburban areas.

White people are likely to support Republicans because they figure that the Democrats are willing to do things for minorities.

And of course, when you're listening to talk radio, watching Fox News and getting your sources from outlets like Breitbart, The Drudge Report, InfoWars and Gateway Pundit, a White person is likely to believe things.

Whites who support Republicans believe Blacks are lazy, Muslims, are terrorist and Hispanics are illegal immigrants and English is the only language. They view interracial marriage and children as disgusting. They view Americans using the safety net as moochers and believe there's a "deep state" government trying to usurp Trump.

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