Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Trump TV Is Real!

Those die hard supporters of the inept leader Donald J. Trump can follow his progress on his official network. They hired former CNN agitator Kayleigh McEnany to host updates on the inept leader.

She debuted Trump TV this week.

McEnany called it "Real News."

The junk food media is calling it "state sponsored propaganda."

Eric Trump and his wife Lara are creating a network devoted to Donald J. Trump and his legacy.

Trump has a huge feud with the junk food media. He believes the media is unfair to him and he has taken to social media to attack commentators, lawmakers and people who spurned him.

Trump will not act presidential.

It was said that during the 2016 election, Trump was considering to launch a network that promotes him and those who supported him. If he had lost this election, he would focus on making a network devoted to trashing Hillary Clinton and others. He would have hired Bill O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren and Sean "Softball" Hannity to the roster.

Now that he's the leader of the country, he doesn't have time for that.

Maybe the golf course, but running a network, not a chance.

Trump's sons Donald Jr., Eric and daughter Ivanka will do the business while their dad creates havoc.

The Republican National Committee and associates of a SuperPac are paying McEnany for her services.

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