Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump Quick To Denounce Terrorist Attack In Spain But Not In Charlottesville!

Terror hits Barcelona.

The inept leader Donald J. Trump continues to dig his own grave with the public's negative perception of him.

There was an attack in Barcelona, Spain and the terrorists used a vehicle to plow through 13 innocent people.

Graphic images made the rounds.

The terrorists are caught. The Islamic State claims responsibility. Guess what the inept leader done. He quickly took to social media to denounce the attacks and returned to his old canard.

Remember the "radical Islam" nonsense of the election year.

It seems like Trump picks and chooses what is considered an act of terrorism.

The attack in Charlottesville was done by a terrorist and he refused to acknowledge the threat of radical white terrorism.

This comes as no surprise. The National Intelligence of Spain had halted a potential mass casualty event. In Cambrilis, five men were killed before they were to set off across the kingdom blowing up large groups.

Extremism doesn't always have to be a Black, Muslim or White people problem.

This event shows that Spanish authorities have to keep a watchful eye.

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