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Tragedy in Charlottesville: Will The Junk Food Media Call It Terrorism?

A terrorist plows through protesters in Charlottesville. A 32-year old woman was killed. Two Virginia Commonwealth Patrol officers were killed in a helicopter crash.


When Donald J. Trump said that political correctness is a threat to America, the white extremists heard him "loud and clear." So far, the vacationing president condemned the attack. He said that "both sides" are responsible.


The peaceful protesters and the victims are the ones who are responsible.

I can see the civil rights leaders and Democrats ready to pounce on this one.

Another thing, what will they label this event?

Will the junk food media label this terrorist, a guy with mental issues or man who had a bright future before he turned to the life of crime?

Who knows!

There was a terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. The terrorist was caught! Who should be blamed in the wake of this?

Donald Trump
Barack Obama
Black Lives Matter
The Terrorist
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I know one thing, while I was at work, one of my regulars was crying and telling me that her friend was in Charlottesville and something terrible happened.

I said, "Yeah, all over a fucking statue!"
The terrorist was trying to flee from protesters trying to yank his ass out the car.
That statue is a relic of history. The statue of Robert E. Lee is being removed from the public square and white extremists are livid. These extremists are warning that if you remove that statue, the consequences are going to be dire.

Looks like I was right.

Three people were killed and nearly 50 people were injured after this pro-Trump white extremist rally in Charlottesville. This Unite The Right rally was militant and it was said that the Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe was warning residents and counter-protesters to avoid the city.

Nobody listened.

An Ohio man plowed his Challenger through a group of Black Lives Matter, anti-Fascist and local protesters. There's a graphic video of the incident.
Terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The federal death card could be on the table for this terrorist.

The terrorist is named James Fields, Jr. and he's from Maumee, Ohio a suburb of Toledo. He traveled to the White extremist rally. He is charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of "hit and run." He also will likely face possible civil rights charges.

Fields was the driver of the Dodge Challenger. The vehicle was filmed ramming into the protesters.

Most scattered but some were flattened. The vehicle fled the scene and the law managed to catch this scum and book him into the city lockup.
The victim was crushed in between the cars. You can see a faint image of the woman.
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III said that these acts speak of the forgotten values of inclusiveness.

"This act is contrary to American values and this can never be tolerated," said Sessions.

The terrorist revved up his car and plowed into the crowd, then backed up and hit a few more before taking off. The victim was named. Her name was Heather Heyer and she the victim under the car when this terrorist plowed through.
Heather Heyer was the confirmed victim.
All the while, the Virginia Department of Safety confirms that two commonwealth troopers were killed when their helicopter crashed outside of Charlottesville.

Lt. H. Jay Cullen and commander pilot Berke MM Bates were killed. They were responding to the event and their helicopter crashed.

The FAA and NTSB are determining whether the event is intentional or pilot error.

The FBI is investigating the events overall.

The sponsor of this pro-Trump, white extremist rally was sponsored by this alt-right leader known as Jason Kessler. This ass clown managed to rally upon the worst of the worst to attend this event.

Over 8,000 White extremists showed up to Charlottesville.

This incident gotten the attention of the world.

Republicans and Democrats alike condemned the attack but never called it for what it is, "radical conservative" terrorism.
The Drudge Report kind of dissed Trump for not responding to the tragedy in a presidential fashion.

So Trump failed to condemn the bombing in Bloomington, Minnesota. He condemns the attack in Charlottesville but blames both parties.

Trump knows his base would be riled up if he only singles them out.

Trump might as well said that Black Lives Matter should have not went to the white extremist rally. They should have let these "patriots" speak their minds without BLM harassing them.

The sponsors of this event included:

Jason Kessler - the head sponsor of this event. He took to social media to denounce the attack but also said that terrorist is a martyr to the cause.

Augustus Sol Invictus -Republican activist who supports libertarian causes. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2016. He believes that Blacks are the prime cause of violence in the United States. He claims that he's not a racist. He has children with Hispanic roots.
Two troopers paid the price for the acts of a terrorist.
David Duke - A notorious perennial candidate for office. A feverish supporter of Donald Trump. He is a suit and tie professional bigot. He was the modern day Klan leader. He is a kookspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier and antisemitic.

Nathan Damigo - The founder of Identity Evorpa. He is usually promoting propaganda on college campuses to encourage White rights and denouncing immigrants and Muslims.

Tim Treadstone - YouTube celebrity known as Baked Alaska. He is a activist, former rapper and hashtag agitator who sparks Twitter trends. He is close to White House political advisor and White extremist Steve Bannon.

Mike Enoch (Peinovich) is a alt-right activist who created the website The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah. He's anti-Jew and anti-political correctness. He is allegedly married to a Jewish woman. According to him, she denounced the faith. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has tweet praise for Enoch and Dutch white extremist Geert Wilders.

Richard Spencer - an Alt-right activist who promotes the National Policy Institute. He calls upon an ethnic cleansing to stop the rise of color in Europe and the United States. He claims he's no racist. He supports Trump feverishly and brought upon a gathering of white extremists to his event in Washington, DC. The Pistachio Girl and Tila Tequila were attendees at this rally. The washed up reality star is embracing the White extremism.

Matt Heimbach - The founder of the Traditionalist Workers Party. The Indiana native sparked fury in 2011 when he went Towson University with this "White Student Union" nonsense. He was also responsible for attacking a woman at a Kentucky Trump rally. He is facing a lawsuit from three of the protesters who were injured at that event. The Southern Law Poverty Center regards him as one of the most dangerous white extremists known.

Michael Hill - the co-founder of the Neo-Confederate League of the South. A political writer who uses pseudo-science and stats to denounce culturalism.

Brad Griffin - the spokesman for the Neo-Confederate League of the South.

Traditionalist Worker Party - Neo Nazi group sponsored by Matt Heimbach, the suit and tie protege of David Duke. He was the guy who attacked a woman at a Trump rally in 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. The group is a Christian identity movement that passes out propaganda on college campuses.

League of the South - Neo-Confederate group that supports an independent nation that sponsors Southern pride, power and prosperity. Founder Michael Hill (above) was at this extremist rally.

Fratenal Order of Alt Knights (KKK) - This group is the Klan. It's an affiliate of the Proud Boys. This group is fans of Gavin McInnes. A former Vice writer created this group after he wrote pieces criticizing women's rights. He is a British born agitator who lives in Canada and the United States. He is a former comedian, television writer and musician. He founded Vice Media and The Rebel Media. The Rebel Media is host to Milo Yiannopolos, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec. The group stands for men's rights and it never apologies for anything.

Identity Evopa - White extremist group that supports Christian Identity. They often target campus and is allegedly provoking violence at the University of Virginia.

Vanguard America - Neo Nazi affiliate group that supports the elimination of cultural identity.

National Socialist Movement - The American Neo Nazi group that took credit for the riots in Toledo in 2005. This group has allies like the Neo-Nazi affiliated to The Daily Stormer website. The Daily Stormer is founded by Andrew Anglin. The white extremist was there.

David Duke issued a stern warning to Trump.

The white extremist warned Trump that he better not denounce their cause.

"This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That's what believed in. That's why we voted for Donald Trump."

On social media he remarked.

"White Americans are so afraid to speak out that we've allowed our country to be invaded and our children to be propagandized by Marxists. I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror and remember that it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists. So after decades of White Americans being targeted for discrimination and anti-White hatred, we come together as a people. Why would you attack us, Donald Trump?"

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